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16 Sep 2002, 23:52
Ok, I am looking for some staff for my vBulletin help forum (vB modifications, template designs, etc)...something like this forum. I am selecting 3 people for now, more will come afterwards. There are some requirements for this, of course. They are listed below near the end. If you are interested in helping me out with this, please post saying you are interested and list what you can do (from vB template designs to vB Template Mods, etc).

Requirements for staff
- Must be highly familiar with vB in and out.
- Must have the ability of trouble-shooting.
- Must be online quite often to help around the site.

This pretty much sums it up.

17 Sep 2002, 00:41
Well I would have to say I am interested. I have been working around VB for about a year now. I am online from after 2:30 pm to around 9-10 PM during the week and I break over 10 hours online on weekends. I am very skilled in designing and customizing VB.

If you want more detail PM me or contact me another way I don't want to tell my life story to everyone. :)

17 Sep 2002, 01:45
Well, I have been around with virtually every bulletin board software, and am very good at implementing anything that people want. I have been designing various pieces of software, beta testing this and that so the troubleshooting area shouldn't be a problem. If you are interested at all in my services, drop me a line at rpmwebdesign@rogers.com. Thanks...

17 Sep 2002, 01:59
I have been working with vB for a few months now. I have used many other boards inlcuding YaBB and PHPBB. I am online ALL the time, and feel that i will be very good with trouble-shooting. For more info, PM me.


17 Sep 2002, 02:01
ill help.

im on from after school till 10:30

I've been around VB since version 1

I can do alot with templates.


17 Sep 2002, 02:18
I currently have Jon onboard my staff. If you all can, please contact me via AIM at 'WHC Chat'. Thank you.

P.S. Cyber720 and acehole, I am highly interested in you two. Please contact me. Thank you.

Tony G
17 Sep 2002, 05:49
Just a note -

I think this is the same with vB, that you need vB.com's permission to make a mod/hack distribute forum. I'm not sure, but I don't think they just go let anyone make a hack/support forum on their product.

17 Sep 2002, 05:59
If you need help I would be glad.. although I just joined, I do know enough about vB and PHP as I host several forums on my own server and I admin and moderate others some I have modified to use more than 4 languages

above all, I enjoy helping
I am not a hacker however.. never looked into it though many template mods I have seen here I have done before.

Anyway, if you need a hand I am here


Tony G
17 Sep 2002, 06:04
If anyone could do it, there would probably be heaps of vB support forums around right now. O_O

17 Sep 2002, 16:12
I guess I could help. I have been using my vB for about 4 months, but I have been familiar with vB for about 10. I know lots about it. Plus I could help with templates etc.:)

Tony G
18 Sep 2002, 07:04
I think you'll need more the Template mods here, even if this is legal to perform.

18 Sep 2002, 09:34
Ive been working on vBulletins for nearly a year now, i know the templates inside and out and im very knowlible about the backend aswell.

I specialise in templates, forum to website intergration

ive been doing work with forums for nearly 3 years, ive worked with:

vBulletin 1.x and 2.x.x

UBB 5.45 -

Open BB




and a ton of others.

Im on the net about all the time depending on my sleeping habbits (which seem to change weekly! :p)

Drop me a email at Brad@kousetsu.net if i could be of any help

Tony G
18 Sep 2002, 11:34
Well what the heck. :p

I used to work on UBB code hacking. Ever since the v5 days to the recent 6.3.1 release. I have worked on vB for a few months now, and specialise in vB template moderating. I have also worked with some other developers for the new KSF project. :)

Use the Email feature here to e-mail me, or get my IM details.