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20 Sep 2002, 19:46
Hi guys. I know that you guys have a lot of questions regarding mods and all. It sure is nice for people to ask and have others tell them, but i have seen SaintDog MANY times telling people to use the search feature.

PLEASE USE THE SEARCH BEFORE YOU ASK!!! There are NUMEROUS posts regarding the same topics, and the forum is becoming out of order. I'm doing this for everyone. Mainly SD, so that he does not have to tell peope OVER AND OVER again to try searching!

Thanks a lot,

20 Sep 2002, 19:54
I totally agree...

20 Sep 2002, 19:55

I might also add that using the advanced search feature:

I always use this method
Place 1 word inside ** and then type 'OR' without quotes. and keep doing that until you have run out of words. I.E
(Search for my welcome panel mod)
*welcome* OR *panel* OR *extreme*

(Not the best description in the world, sorry ><)

20 Sep 2002, 20:54
Think someone could sticky this, or something?
I hope that everyone reads this

Tony G
21 Sep 2002, 00:34
Cypher, why would it need a sticky in THE LOUNGE?

People often just go to that forum, they won't come here to check that.

It wouldn't work very well at all. So just leave it to the admins/mods to take care of these things. :)

21 Sep 2002, 04:34
sorry:) just trying to help

Tony G
21 Sep 2002, 05:45
Well without any power there isn't much any of us can do besides tell.