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20 Sep 2002, 21:38
i want to make a page like the one vbt has...
but when i do like the things for Welcome back, $username
it doesnt show it right...
any help?

20 Sep 2002, 22:16
I'm working on a script like this too, cause i dont want to use vBportal. Are you requiring the correct pages? I'm not sure which ones, but you need to require something

Tony G
21 Sep 2002, 00:35
vBt uses a Portal made by FireFly. You can contact him over at vB.org and you will have to buy it off him.

21 Sep 2002, 00:41

i got the coologinvb thingy from vb.org
but it is still kinda messed up
i keep getting "Warning: ChDir: No such file or directory (errno 2) in /www/docs/andrewnelson/nairb/vbulletin/index4.php on line 2" at the top of the page
but everything is working right...
now i just need to fix it up...

21 Sep 2002, 00:43
I know the person who made coologinvb, want me to contact him?:)

Tony G
21 Sep 2002, 00:43
Does index4.php exist?

21 Sep 2002, 00:46
thats what the whole thing is based on

Tony G
21 Sep 2002, 00:49
I don't see whats wrong there, maybe your absolute path is wrong...

21 Sep 2002, 00:51
i've tryed everything... even ask ffdcsite...
we both tryed to fix it...
nothing worked... *sigh*

Tony G
21 Sep 2002, 00:53
Ask the creator then, vBt can't help you much with those problems.

21 Sep 2002, 02:32
****...Well, thanks anyways...

Tony G
21 Sep 2002, 05:43
It's not all over, it's best to ask where it was posted. The creator would check there.