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21 Sep 2002, 08:50
I am trying to learn adobe photoshop. I just bought it!


I want to make my own postbit design.

what steps do I need to start with.

Size ?
after I create the graphics then what ?

How tdo I cut it for my website ?

I think I can handle editing templates for it to fit, but the size of the full graphic uncut ?

Any help would be nice and also maybe a website with a good tutorial

21 Sep 2002, 09:00
are you telling us that you bought photoshop just for your postbits ?!?
yeah right.......LOL

21 Sep 2002, 09:02
have a look at : http://www.pixeljunction.com
for some nice tutorials

21 Sep 2002, 09:04
lol no i didn't but it just for my postbits. I want to learn it because I know there is a lot of things you can do with it.

I'm a computer nerd if you want to say that much so I learn anything that I might beable to use :)

Tony G
21 Sep 2002, 11:20
Well then, it can be used for alot of other things. It's a very useful program. :)

21 Sep 2002, 14:40
What version of Photoshop are you using? I am pretty good with Adobe Photoshop Elements

21 Sep 2002, 17:19

Tony G
22 Sep 2002, 00:23
I'm useless with PHotoshop. I tried the trial once, no luck.

22 Sep 2002, 08:49
Photoshop is easy once you know how things work and know your way around it...

22 Sep 2002, 09:04
so what size image do I need to start with to make a postbit ?

Tony G
22 Sep 2002, 10:56
You can't make a postbit in Photoshop, just images for it.

The rest has to be coding into your templates.

22 Sep 2002, 16:53
..man am I a newbie or something lol I know you can't "make" the whole postbit in photoshop that is why in the last message I said "so what size image do I need to start with to make a postbit ?"

Meaning what size image do I need to make before I slice it up in image ready and put it into my templates

22 Sep 2002, 17:27
Depends on your Screen resolution - I think:confused:

Tony G
23 Sep 2002, 00:54
Yeah, just do it full screen then. Don't think it would really matter, would it?