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23 Sep 2002, 18:42
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I havent got any more space in my signature for all my mod links to go:( What do you suggest I do?

23 Sep 2002, 19:09
Edit your signature ;)

23 Sep 2002, 19:19
True, but then no-one will have links to my Template mods.
Hmm, I might just change it though :(

23 Sep 2002, 19:51
hm... just tell them to run a search :)

23 Sep 2002, 19:53
Meh, that could be an option;)

23 Sep 2002, 21:26
try making the text size 1?, or is it already small?

Can you do images in the sig here? if so, make an image map(lol)

23 Sep 2002, 21:46
too bad html is probably disabled...image map wont work

23 Sep 2002, 23:41
why not have the added to the profile like vB.org. SD?

23 Sep 2002, 23:44
bleh stupid html isnt enabled i had the best idea but :S use <smallfont>

Tony G
24 Sep 2002, 01:29
Get rid of all the useless ones you released and just put the popular ones in. :p

24 Sep 2002, 07:22
I think all my mods are useless ones though;) but thats a good idea;) thank you all

Tony G
24 Sep 2002, 07:52
You still have room anyway, Your author column is still longer then your sig.

26 Sep 2002, 22:08
Someone said something about having it like vb.org where it shows all mods in your profile! Saintdog: this would be cool and helpful! if ffdcsite makes too many more mods, we will have to create another forum to fit them all in :eek:

Anyway, ffdcsite, just create a html page on your server somewhere, link to it in your sig saying "my template mods"

simple eh?

Tony G
27 Sep 2002, 01:51
Thats not a bad idea Nine.

*Gets to work*


27 Sep 2002, 17:20
Brilliant idea;) I will get to work on that A.S.A.P;)

Tony G
28 Sep 2002, 01:19
I'm just going to do a plain white page with the links. Boring but thats what it's for. :p

29 Sep 2002, 18:46
see, it can be made small with BB CODES!!

Also, insted of ||| just make it | or " " <-- I ment a space ;)

29 Sep 2002, 19:21
PM Buttons under CPNav|||Drop Down CPNav
Coloured Usernames|||Author Column on Right
Thread Info Box|||New Link Look
Welcome Panel Extreme|||Post Indicators
Very Simple Postbit|||Buddy List on Right
Easier Font Colour Selector|||Instant Calculator
Current Sig in Edit Profile|||Rainbow Usernames
See your Signature in your User CP|||Thread Control Panel

Tony G
30 Sep 2002, 01:42
It doesn't need to cram up your sig though, thats how mine got.