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27 Sep 2002, 01:24
how do i lock a forum with a password in vbulletin board?? eg, that forum can be access only by a certin password.


Tony G
27 Sep 2002, 01:52
Hack at vB.org needed.

Only way to lock a forum in default is by user group.

27 Sep 2002, 01:55
i heard about access maks. but i don't know how to use them. i turned the access mask on and i don't know what to do after that. :(

Tony G
27 Sep 2002, 01:58
Go to your CP - Forums - Forum Permission (Or something like that)

After the page loads scroll down and find the forum you want to restrict access to.

You should then see all the user groups. Press edit on ones and change the settings for the view of that particular forum.

27 Sep 2002, 17:35
You also could wait for vB3. It includes password-protected forums

Tony G
28 Sep 2002, 01:19
Well for now there is a hack, so regardless if he is on vb3 or not he can still have that feature.