View Full Version : Wont be here for a while

27 Sep 2002, 17:32

I just thought I would let you guys know I wont be online for a few weeks, maybe months.

My computer is very very old, and has barely any space left, which makes it run very slow. Also, it has a number of viruses on it, I had to delete 8 from my computer. The only computer I can use is at my dads house, which im not usually at.

So, ill see you guys later. I hope im back intime to submit something for TEOTM.

Ill post lots tonight, im at my dads.


27 Sep 2002, 19:37
I'll miss ya man!

27 Sep 2002, 20:31
hehe, thanks for the headsup....

/me donates $500 in monopoly money

27 Sep 2002, 20:35
Later man. Will miss you around here for a while.

Tony G
28 Sep 2002, 01:21
See ya later.

If it's slow you should format it. Once formatted it runs how it was when you got in. Mine quite old too but a format here and there keeps it up.

28 Sep 2002, 01:39
Good idea Tony, I have thought about that, but I might as well get a new computer >.<

28 Sep 2002, 02:23
id format in the mean time and get a new one when you can :). what are the specs on the comp?

Tony G
28 Sep 2002, 02:51
Originally posted by ffdcsite
Good idea Tony, I have thought about that, but I might as well get a new computer >.<

Well yeah, I am too but until then I keep formatting or just cleaning up the HD every so often.

28 Sep 2002, 08:12
Originally posted by Anime-loo
what are the specs on the comp?
I dont know - its that old. I never really used it til last year:o

But, its a good idea, i guess ill do it for now:) Thanks guys

Tony G
28 Sep 2002, 10:30
Not to be offensive but are you going to stop using that comp? I mean you seem to be more active after you posted this. :p

28 Sep 2002, 11:36
I was at my dads house when I posted that, and there was nothing else to do. Right now im using my mums work computer;) Wont be always on this computer thouh:p