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29 Sep 2002, 05:34
After much interest in the upcoming vBulletinStyles.com, I have decided to release one of the styles in progress a little early and at a reduced price to those that purchase the style early (those only, once the style is released, the normal price will be charged).

The first style is vBS Silver, a nice, clean silver/blue/orange style made by myself with the button set done by Xelation (in some way, he is a part of most things ;)).

A screenshot of the style has been attached to this post so you can get a general idea of what it looks like.

What You Get:

- GIF Image Files
- PSD File (Header)
- vBulletin Style File
- Free Upgrades*
- Web Fonts

* Free upgrades are given for the reason stated above, this style is being released early. All of the graphics work has been completed and is in form, although all of the modifications that are planned have not been made (postbit, categories, ect).

The Pricing:

If you order through vBT, you will receive this style for only $20 (that is $10 off what it will be when vBS is released).. With that $20 you will get all of the above, including any upgrades made to the style (there will be upgrades, else I would not have posted about them).

Payment is to be made via PayPal only at this time, once vBS is released, we may be using 2CheckOut.com as well.

Terms Of Use:

The style may be used on as many boards as you own (you personaly). All boards must be documented though, you must provide us with the URL to the board(s) in which you plan on using the style on. This is to prevent piracy of the style and to keep all costs low. You are not granted reseller rights to the style, it is for your use only and may not be resold.

Now you may be asking why I am releasing the style early, so here is the reason. A few have already seen this style and are wanting a copy so I am releasing it for those and for anyone else that may like a copy at a discounted pricing. The style will have more features added and such upon the opening of vBS (probably looking at 1 month from now, I hope).

If you have any questions, you may post in this thread. If you would like to order, please send me a PM with the title "vBS Silver Order" I will be accepting PM's for this very reason, support requests for template modifications still stand only in the forums.

Without any more delay, below is the style screenshot as promised.

29 Sep 2002, 05:37
Well, I think it looks nice, but since it is a "beta" it isnt that special. I cant wait to see it when you open - when are you expecting to open

29 Sep 2002, 05:50
1. It is not really in beta, it just does not have all the template modifications that it will have upon the official opening of vBS. Once open and the new modifications are made, all pre-purchases will be able to get the new version(s) as they want them.

2. I am pushing 1 month, Chen is going to be modifying this one script which will allow us to get the members area out of the way. The actual design is complete for vBS, we just need to fill in the content sections (TOS, Legal Info, License Agreement, ect).

Tony G
29 Sep 2002, 08:05
Very nice, the color scheme & header and very good. Worth the money. :)

29 Sep 2002, 16:33
Thanks :)

29 Sep 2002, 17:54
i actually like it quite a bit. It reminds me of viperhost! (which i happen to love the design;))

29 Sep 2002, 18:13
Well, I don't know about it reminding me of ViperHost or not ;).