View Full Version : Where can I buy a vbulletin skin?

29 Sep 2002, 19:51
I want to change the look of my forum. What are all the places i can buy a new skin/template?

29 Sep 2002, 20:28

29 Sep 2002, 21:20

Early release

29 Sep 2002, 22:09

2 of those sites are not yet opened

04 Oct 2002, 05:27
Thanks xelation. I am looking for somewhere to get a custom skin that's not too pricey. :) That's going to help.

Tony G
04 Oct 2002, 05:33
I suggest the early one SD released. Very good and not too pricey. :)

04 Oct 2002, 10:13
vBulletinStyles is not too far from release, in fact, it should be released very soon so not only will there be a few styles to choose from, some (or all) of the button sets from vBGFX will be brought back as well :).

Tony G
04 Oct 2002, 10:26
Looking forward to it, I plan on releasing a style. :)

04 Oct 2002, 12:25
I am always interested in help, if you would like to help out, you could make some extra money on the side. A few people from here hace asked about it but I have not heard much from them, with the exception of 1 or 2 :).

Tony G
04 Oct 2002, 14:04
Just something nice for a little price will do me. I don't really want much money. :)

04 Oct 2002, 14:15
Well, in general, for those that we sell for others, vBS will retain $5-$10 of the total sale, the rest will be given to you via PayPal or another payment arrangement if you cannot accept PayPal.

Styles sold for $20-$30 will be the ones we take $5.00 from, those $31-$40 will have $7 retained, those $41-$50 will have $10.00 retained, and so on ( I don't see any styles going above that price as you are almost in the range of a custom designer then ;)).

Tony G
04 Oct 2002, 15:23
Not a bad system you have there SD. Sounds fair enough to be to take some money for the publicity. :)

07 Oct 2002, 03:02
How much would it cost for a custom skin from you, SD? PM or email me with a quote. :)

Tony G
07 Oct 2002, 05:34
I can maybe do a style for you, although I'm currently working on one I am going to release here. :)

07 Oct 2002, 07:22
:) How much? PM me.

Tony G
07 Oct 2002, 07:55
I'll leave it to SaintDog, he has much more experiance with custom styles then I do.