View Full Version : {Rel} Simply Red

imported_Keyser Söze
09 Nov 2002, 07:22
my first time doing a admin css design, turned out nicely, this started as a addon to my christmas style, but that just didnt work, so i changed it a bit and, here it is

i just started doing photoshop graphics, err, yesturday :) so if theres a flaw in that vB graphic i made, my apologies

and here it is, screenshot first

imported_Keyser Söze
09 Nov 2002, 07:23
and the zip file

if you use this, pls click the install button, thanks

Tony G
09 Nov 2002, 11:37
I'm not a fan of a pink/red scheme, but otherwise nice work.

09 Nov 2002, 22:52
a bit to bright for my liking :)

09 Jan 2003, 18:36
maybe u should add orange too?