View Full Version : [Release] My Not So Win XP CSS

06 Dec 2002, 20:58
i was tryin to do a css for my win xp style, and this is what i got :(

06 Dec 2002, 22:01

Tony G
06 Dec 2002, 23:25
Please incude a screenshot of your Admin CSS change, it helps instead of having to install it.

Also added [Release] to the title.

imported_Keyser Söze
06 Dec 2002, 23:32
heres a screenshot

its nice but could use some work, doesnt say XP to me at all

Tony G
07 Dec 2002, 01:09
Yeah, the blue isn't very XP'ish.

imported_Keyser Söze
07 Dec 2002, 01:14
u know,i dont see what can beat the vb3 admin css, :D

im not sure what to me would really say XP, id know it when i see it

Tony G
07 Dec 2002, 01:22
A lighther blue, doesn't use that dark blue.

28 Jun 2003, 04:00
A lighther blue, doesn't use that dark blue.
Agree with the mod here.
It should be something like the "WinXP skin" from the Style Set Submissions