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27 Dec 2002, 04:33
Sign up for MSN8 and they'll give you this:



27 Dec 2002, 04:47
At least i dont get 3 msn cd's in the mail a day. Altho the aol ones do make great frisbees

27 Dec 2002, 04:50
I smashed the last AOL CD I got with the base of a video transmitter. It was fun. :)

Given the choice (forced) I'd use MSN over AOL any day, but people who pay for an ISP based on their special services are idiots IMO, I mean AIM is a free download, you can check weather on any portal, same with news, travel info, *shudder* e-mail--speaking of which I ROFLed when I heard that AOL 8--8 versions!--includes the new feature of being able to organize your mail :D

27 Dec 2002, 04:56
True, when people relize that ANYTHING AOL comes with can be downloaded and or found on the net FOR FREE i think they wont sell to as many people.

AOL is most evil for its proxy servers that reek havic on my WOL and forum. It dosent get any better in 8 because insted of it only effecting the native AOL broswer it now dose it with any browser on the persons comp...I hate AOL.

Anthor fun thing you can do with the aol cd's is nuke them in the microwave, be prepared to buy a new one and get doses of radiation ;).

27 Dec 2002, 05:00
Indeed! AOL's retarded proxy browsing clogs up my recent visitors list because each hit is from a different IP but the same user so I have to scroll through half the list of visitors to find actual unique ones.

Besides most of the users who use it are (1) stupid, (2) cheap (not an excuse because AOL is half the price of cable for God's sake), or (3) don't know there's even an alternative. I remember when MSN was said to be doomed to failure but they're now threatening AOL's dominance. MS products might not be the best--BTW I'm typing this on an MS keyboard in IE in Windows 2000 with Outlook running :D--but their marketing skills kick ***.

27 Dec 2002, 05:05
No iMac? *slaps you* ;).

I find it funny that after 8 versions they still havent changed the "you got mail" sound file!.

BTW im typing this on a tubo-track keyboard, using a Microsoft intelli explore mouse, using windows XP pro, surfing with IE 6 (with crazy browser shell).

Tony G
27 Dec 2002, 05:10
Grr to those AOL people wreaking havoc on Who's Online. I haven't got a CD in a while from any annoying companies and I'm glad for that. :D