View Full Version : Aw, isn't that ironic

04 Jan 2003, 03:54

Tony G
04 Jan 2003, 04:17
Those things are haunting now. :p

04 Jan 2003, 04:39
I did get confused about one thing: WOL showed the thread title this time; almost all the time it shows the normal Unknown Location garbage. It's like sometimes it just browses some of the threads that aren't even made to look like flat files.

Tony G
04 Jan 2003, 04:52
Maybe it was linked straight from there? Not sure. :-/

04 Jan 2003, 05:59
those are a killer lately

Tony G
04 Jan 2003, 13:04
Don't seem to hurt me. ;)

04 Jan 2003, 14:35
I never get unknown locations for googlebots...

04 Jan 2003, 23:14
N9ne: you dont have filburts spider friendly threads installed.