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06 Jan 2003, 23:24
Hello everyone -

First, my congrats or thanks (whichever is appropriate) for the look of this site - I have been surfing through thousands of VB related pages at VB, SPF, VB.org and here, and your layout is very easy on the eyes.

I have a newbie question - I have someone doing the major construction on my forum, and she wanted me to tell her which hacks and template mods I wanted. I know that:

This site houses template mods and postbit mods, and,

VB.org houses hacks.

What I don't know is:

What's a postbit modification, and

What's the dif between a hack and a template mod?

Can someone 'splain that to me? Is one harder than the other?



06 Jan 2003, 23:40
A hack involves editing vBulletin's .php files. A template mod usually involves editing templates only in the admin CP or other small tweaks, but never touches the actual .php files.

Tony G
06 Jan 2003, 23:51
A postbit modification is something that edits the box in which a reply is displayed. Like what your viewing now to read this.

06 Jan 2003, 23:57

Sounds like after a little practice I might be able to tackle trying some template or postbit mods without doing too much damage.


Tony G
06 Jan 2003, 23:58
Installing some of these and editing yourself is the easiest thing to do. :)

07 Jan 2003, 00:25
Cool - once my hired gun has things going, I'll give some of this a whirl.