View Full Version : What do you guys think? A Raffle?

16 Jan 2003, 07:20
Well it has crossed my mind a few times and I would like to run a raffle here @ vBulletinTemplates with a load of various prizes; not only to give back to the community, but to bring alive vBT a little more.

For those that do not know what a raffle is, a raffle is a type of drawing in which tickets are sold, once X amount of tickets are sold, winners are drawn from the sold tickets and the prizes are given out.

Now in order to do this, a decent number of tickets would need to be sold in order to compensate for the prizes, so far, I have the below listed as prizes (this is not a final list, I am passing the idea to you all to see if you would participate in such an event):

- HiveMail License
- vBulletin License
- Free Web Hosting
- Gift Certificates
- Ect.

The base price for tickets I believe will be $5-$6/per ticket, with no limit on the amount you can buy. I will tally the total for the prizes and divide that up among the price to see how many tickets would need to be sold in order to run this.

So what do you guys think, would this be worth a shot? If run, would you tell others and spread the word regarding the raffle? (NO SPAMING FORUMS, WEBSITES, OR E-MAILS ELSE YOU WOULD BE BANNED).

Let me hear your thoughts on this; this would be a great way to promote vBT as well as give away some really cool prizes! :).

Let's here your thoughts.....Post away!

Tony G
16 Jan 2003, 09:48
It's a very good idea I must say, but me and anyone else not in America aren't privelaged since we need to pay more.

But what the heck, guess I can fork out some money to make this raffle happen. Can't I? :)

But, are you going to sell real tickets or just give us a code? If a code, how will you draw them etc?

And what about if not enough tickets are sold to compensate the prizes?


16 Jan 2003, 11:40
Raffle codes will be random per a PHP script made to limit them down. Once a ticket is purchased, we will mail the code to the user directly. Once the tickets are bought up, all users will be e-mailed and the give-a-way will be done here at vBT.

We will have both PayPal and 2CheckOut.com open for payments so as not to leave anyone whom wants to participate out.

16 Jan 2003, 12:21
I like this Idea.. I may fork out some money for this.. *looks in his wallet and sees it is empty* well I can get 5-6 bucks easy.. so I think this Idea is a good one

Tony G
16 Jan 2003, 13:08
Sounds good SD, I'll enter too. Think I got $10 somewhere. (Just as long it's converted to US somehow)

16 Jan 2003, 14:23
I have ~$10 in PayPal but already donated $10 too...can that money go towards my tickets?

Tony G
16 Jan 2003, 14:24
Ahh PayPal. Better see if I still have an account there.

16 Jan 2003, 18:41
PayPal & 2CheckOut.com will be allowed on request, just need more people interested before we can this going, I planned on getting both a HiveMail & vBulletin license and give them both away during the raffle, first winner gets choice of either license, 2nd place gets the remaining license, then from there we will distribute lower prizes such as HiveMail Skins, vBulletin Skins, Web Hosting Accounts, ect!

As for payments, previous donations will not count towards this as this will be a seperate thing totally. The tickets will be priced at ~$6 USD.

If you know anyone, please let them know your interest. There will be probaly over $500 in prizes, if not more (i.e. $160 = vBulletin, $180 = Hivemail, $100 = HiveMail Skins, $100 = vBulletin Skins, Web Hosting, and more :)).

We will need to move at least 100-150 tickets before this can happen. So selling will be done over the course of 1 month, after which the drawing will be held (if enough tickets are sold at that time).

Do you guys think you can help make this happen? It would be great promotion with great prizes to say the least! :)

16 Jan 2003, 19:38
:( I'm poor :'-( hmmm
*looks around* anyone spare 6 bucks?:p
I need a job >_<

Tony G
17 Jan 2003, 03:19
Depends how willing the community is SD, but 100-150 sounds possible.

17 Jan 2003, 03:40
I would like to think at least :)

Tony G
17 Jan 2003, 04:50
How about if we don't reach that total? Maybe just less prizes?

17 Jan 2003, 04:55
eh...i dont know if id enter. ive never been big on raffles

Tony G
17 Jan 2003, 05:05
Oh come on! Take some chance! It's a good feeling. :D

17 Jan 2003, 15:38
only when u win^ lol

17 Jan 2003, 16:29
eh - dont really have money to waste at the moment - i need to get a car:(

17 Jan 2003, 16:51
If there was a possible way to give away something to everyone who entered, then I would make that happen, although that is not possible. I was mainly going to do this as a way to bring in the new year for vBulletinTemplates as this would probably be the last content/give-a-way for some time.

The success of this depends on the users here, nothing more. I cannot (and will not try) to force anyone to do this, it is simply a suggestion; nothing more.

Tony G
18 Jan 2003, 01:30
Well I just hope you get enough backing for this, sounds like it would be alot of fun too. :)

18 Jan 2003, 10:12
Well anything to help vBT:p
I'm in.

18 Jan 2003, 10:32
well you can give away a random button set... but that means you have to do something.. lol well I beleave this is a good idea

Tony G
18 Jan 2003, 10:37
Still, you can't please everyone who buys a ticket. Thats what raffle is. It's chance.

18 Jan 2003, 10:46
yes that is true... and well I dont know the luck of winning a raffle.. never have.. so I usely dont take part in them caz well I dont like geting frustrated.. but anyway if this does happen I think it will bring more members and help keep this place alive

Tony G
18 Jan 2003, 11:42
Well if SD gets to the 150 raffle mark and there's about 6-7 prizes or so it would be 7/150 chance. (Would need to be pretty lucky)

18 Jan 2003, 19:43
Well people would have a better chance of winning this, than a big lottery ...