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01 Mar 2003, 17:37
File: Admin CP.css
By: iHCF | PoDesign Studios
Description: This file replaces your current admin cp.css to include a new color scheme for your admin control panel.
Installation: Place file in your root vbulletin folder.

Thanks. - Josh

02 Mar 2003, 16:53
screenshot please?

02 Mar 2003, 16:56
Well there is on in that that i posted in the first post of this thread (did that confuse anyone? :P)... *sigh*

but... i`ll just redirect it (someone set file extentions to accept .zips!!! :()

Screenshot (http://www.podesign.co.uk/vb/attachment.php?postid=307)

02 Mar 2003, 18:35
nice cp - looks good!

02 Mar 2003, 18:39
thanky thanky :)

Tony G
03 Mar 2003, 04:58
Could you attach the images and cp.css? Just incase your site goes down it's best to have them available all the time. :)

BTW, nice cp. Bit dark for my liking though.

03 Mar 2003, 20:28
yes, yes i will. i didnt before because the .zip extention was not set, so i could not upload .zips. let me zip the file again and i`ll upload it!

03 Mar 2003, 20:43
Please attach it to the first post as well (now possible :)) this way users don't have to sift through posts.

03 Mar 2003, 20:51
okay, thanks for putting zip as the extention. zipping it now... ;)
Update. Screenshot and file can be found in the first post now.

03 Mar 2003, 21:00
Thanks much iHCF :)

03 Mar 2003, 21:01
no problem :) thanks for letting me know that you set zips as valid extentions. now i can post a few of my new styles! yay! ;) ;)

Tony G
04 Mar 2003, 05:23
Thanks iHCF, just some people have been complaining about peoples sites being down and mods being linked to those downed sites.

04 Mar 2003, 20:31
yes, i fully understand :)

07 Mar 2003, 16:19
nice css... i'm using it, although i've changed a few of the colors and mouseovers. the dark blue that you used for the global templates is pretty hard to read... in my opinion.

looks very slick though.

08 Mar 2003, 19:07
big thanks for this awesome css style, i must have for my new board =)

thanks !!!