View Full Version : XTREME.cp

21 Apr 2003, 02:08
Yes, I have decided to release my forums version of the admin control panel. It might be a bit too dark for some of ya, but its pretty fine for me.

Just unzip, upload cp.css to your forums folder and cp_logo.gif to your admin and mod folder.

Tony G
21 Apr 2003, 02:23
Bit dark for my liking, but alot of forums seem to have styles like that so it'd be a nice addition. :)

Gary W
21 Apr 2003, 22:38
Nice job, looks very good!

Black Vivi
23 Apr 2003, 20:32
k00l cp
I won't use it tho, like the one i have currently

27 Apr 2003, 07:49
hmm. i had it installed but i find it a bit too dark for my liking though preety sickass!

05 Dec 2003, 00:56
I like it! Would you mind if I also used this css to make a theme? All credit will be given to you, naturally.

06 Dec 2003, 03:35
These work under vBulletin 3.x if you rename the cp.css to controlpanel.css and upload all the images to a folder named cpstyles/vBulletin_3_XTreme. I grabbed the images from a diffrent them so it all worked nicly.