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26 Sep 2003, 03:07
First of all I find that my account is AWOL. I signed up here almost 2 years ago. So I signed up again and used the same address as the one in our vb.com members area and:

Attention: Your are currently not showing up as a licensed vBulletin member/customer. Please follow the instructions in the thread below in order to activate your account. Should you choose not to activate your account or if you do not hold a valid vBulletin license, you will not be able to post or download in our main forums.

Not licenced? Last time I looked we had a whole stack of licences in there. Plus the activation link didn't work - such fun.

26 Sep 2003, 03:08
But I really would like my old account back.

26 Sep 2003, 03:13
No worries, guess I should read a bit more before I post. Updating the profile again at vb.com did the trick. I think you should put that in that message that appears at the top. ;)

26 Sep 2003, 03:14
But seriously, where is my old account......?

26 Sep 2003, 03:42
looks like we found a new teacher for most-posts-in-a-row-on-one-topic 101.

26 Sep 2003, 05:10
But at least my sites are resolving. ;)

26 Sep 2003, 07:54
We removed old accounts due to 90% of the either had 0 posts, were not activated (i.e. just signed up for the heck of it), or they asked to be removed (a few did, it does happen). The members database was pruned not to aweful long ago. It only takes a post every 6-8 months to keep your account active :).

It was also stated many times, we do not control the license system, we just use it. We cannot control the license taking effect or not as we do not and will not have access to the actual customer database at anytime. We only see what we are permitted to see :).

You are showing up as licensed BTW :).

26 Sep 2003, 07:55
I believe some accounts (inactive ones) were deleted

Edit, oops, SD beat me too it heh;)

26 Sep 2003, 08:10
Aw, shame. I dd come alot last year and at the beginning of this year but since we developed our own custom skin for vb, I haven't stopped in. Ah well, to be a newbie again......

Tony G
26 Sep 2003, 08:19
As long as we know who you are, I do remember seeing some of your posts. :)

27 Sep 2003, 00:53
Yeah, we did clean things up, sorry your account was one of the ones removed. I know what it is like to be away or busy for a while, but you are still welcome here and we hope that you will enjoy what is offered :).