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04 Nov 2003, 02:43
Hi all

I am trying to learn as much as I can now about certain templates. There are four that I don't know the differance of and what each of them do. They are:


Can someone please explain to me what each one does and in what conditions each one is used? Thanks!

04 Nov 2003, 03:49
They are the templates that display the html for forums on index.php.

'level 1' templates are used if a forum has no parent forum (ie is not a sub-forum)

'level 2' templates are used if a forum is a sub-forum and its parent forum is not a sub forum.

'no post' is used in forums with 'act as forum?' option checked to no in the admin cp, 'post' forums are used when this option is checked to yes.

Moreover there is a option in the admin cp that determains how many levels deep forums can go on index.php, by default it is set to 2 for preformance reasons (same reason you see no 'level 3' templates). If you set this option to 3 and add forumhome_forumbit_level3_nopost and forumhome_forumbit_level3_post templates to your style level 3 deep forums will display on idex.php.

Hope that explains it for you :)

04 Nov 2003, 06:13
That's very helpful, I've never known that til now, heh. :) ty

04 Nov 2003, 08:51
Thanks Brad.loo! I was looking for an explanation on vB.com but really had no luck. I have been trying to learn all the major pieces that make up the basic style of a forum. This will definately help!