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09 Dec 2003, 02:25
This is a pretty great style set I made, it's of the game Dead Or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball.
It has some anime pictures with girls in small swimwear (heh), so be advised. It would probably get a PG or PG-13, there is NO NUDITY, so that can be good or bad, depending on the person.

I have the default banner there from my site and i have included some other Dead Or Alive: XVB images that you could use to make a banner of your own. The Category Names are made using images and it says what to do to use these correctly. It looks a bit fruity with the colors, but it's a very tropic style set. It's got almost all of the buttons you'll need, including a gallery button. One thing important is that this style set uses your image folder is /images, so if it's anytning else, it might cause a problem, i couldn't figure out how to set that up correctly, even though i make vb hacks, soooo... The files to do this and the instructions will be in this post and i have 3 screenies in addition, so those will be in the next posts. I got all of the images of the gallery at my site which i hadn't checked in 3 months, which now has 92 pages of images (839 pictures).

Okay, this is a message to the mods:
I'm not 100% sure if i'm allowed to post material like this, but as i said, there's not nudity and it would probably make a PG or PG-13 rating, so, if you need to, go ahead and delete this, sorry if that happens, i wasn't sure.


09 Dec 2003, 02:27
Screenshot one:
This is a pic of the top buttons and some categories, also my banner.
Screenshot two:
Pictures of the bottom and the footer, with the moved PM bar.
Screenshot three:
Picuture of a post and the postbit.


09 Dec 2003, 09:57
Nice.... but really not my style. I am more into dark themes.

09 Dec 2003, 10:05
Thanks for sharing :)

10 Dec 2003, 00:29
Oh, there's a live demo HERE (http://www.blindedstorms.com/vb/index.php?styleid=9).

10 Dec 2003, 02:17
Awesome job (I played the game so i would know ^^;;

12 Dec 2003, 03:07
nice way to use some boobies as the on/off images ;)

not really my style but kuddos on using the fine DOA girls ;)

12 Dec 2003, 16:28
LOL cool job ;)
Can u make a vb3-gamma version ? :)

13 Dec 2003, 03:02
LOL cool job ;)
Can u make a vb3-gamma version ? :)
I don't like vb3, i'm sticking with 2 and not upgrading, so i don't think i'm going to.

13 Dec 2003, 16:22
he said it :)

18 Feb 2004, 15:38