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imported_Keyser Söze
06 Nov 2002, 02:40
This is the very first style I have ever made, and I think it turned out very well, a friend helped me with some of the images

if i get time I may redo some of the images to make them better (smilies and icons and stuff) but this is looking good so here it is

just to cover all bases, i used the person that made the halloween stles post bit (edited somewhat) but thats about it, far as i can recall

hope you like it, was alot of fun, i know its way early for christmas, but i started this sunday night and expected it to take all month, but finished monday morning, like i said, its my first

tell me what you think

and to anyone that installs this, pls read the readme file included

make the red backgroud darker (if u want it darker) - http://www.vbulletintemplates.com/mods/showthread.php?s=&postid=14816#post14816

- 11/06/02- was a slight problem with the style, if u downloaded it before now, redownload it again, just the reply/new thread... images were not properly linked

- 12/01/02- the zip was updated with a new vbulletin.style to correct the copyright problem, should be fine now
screenshots first, then the accual file

this is the top forum home

imported_Keyser Söze
06 Nov 2002, 02:46
this is the footer

imported_Keyser Söze
06 Nov 2002, 02:47
and the redirect after posting, kind of neat

imported_Keyser Söze
06 Nov 2002, 02:48
and here is the file itself, let me know of any problems as this is my first time

oops, found a big error, let me update the zip file real quick here, BRB

problem fixed!

zip file was updated on 12-1-02

Tony G
06 Nov 2002, 05:14
Very christmas like. That red is a bit blinding on that green shade though. Nice work though. :)

imported_Keyser Söze
06 Nov 2002, 06:02
you should have seen it when it was just solid red/green, no image, was ready to stab my eyes out :p


i aim to please, if u want the red darker, upload this attached image to your images/themes/xmas/

and overright the one thats there now

06 Nov 2002, 15:06
Kool. really good work :)

07 Nov 2002, 11:40
really nice pix

imported_Keyser Söze
07 Nov 2002, 14:29
someone install it and lemme know what u think, u realy wont appreciate it til u install it,


07 Nov 2002, 16:25
Nice work :)

07 Nov 2002, 23:18
I'm definitely doing something wrong. This one, when I go to download "christmas.zip" my browser tells me it doesn't know what to do with it, when I tell it to save, it comes up as "attachment.php".

I'm a Mac lover, using MSIE 5.1, Mac OS 9.2.

08 Nov 2002, 00:54
I found a topic in another forum on here about this site not being Mac-friendly. Someone said that when download and getting attachment.php, just rename the file. The first time, it didn't work, tries to open it in an IE window. The second time, I held down the OPTION key while clicking for download. Got attachement.php and renamed it christmas.php. Clicking on that ran my Stuffit, and it worked!

However... I'm having the same problems with this that I'm having with Halloween -- not all of the images are loading, just the main ones.

imported_Keyser Söze
08 Nov 2002, 01:47
if u followed the instructions and uploaded everything into the images/themes/xmas/ folder, you should not be having any problems

everything is linked to where its supose to be, tell me what images are not showing up exactly

09 Nov 2002, 12:37
hey dude well done man !! i am going to install it on the december

i have try it on my forum it works !!!

09 Nov 2002, 21:48
It's installed at my forums !


imported_Keyser Söze
09 Nov 2002, 21:57
hmmp, i see, its not right, theres some major images that are not there, either u didnt upload them, or i got them linked wrong, going to check


hmm, i got it all right, i think u edited my style, my copywrite is gone as well :mad:

09 Nov 2002, 22:35
it came like that ! :P

09 Nov 2002, 22:36
what is ur copyright ?

imported_Keyser Söze
09 Nov 2002, 23:45
it should say "style created by: Keyser Söze"

since i have never made a style before, i installed a test board, just to ensure that it is fully working, and this style installed perfectly

i think u went in and changed a few things, and now its messed up, you should prolly reinstall

10 Nov 2002, 00:44
try now

imported_Keyser Söze
10 Nov 2002, 00:47
rofl, thats more like it!

anyways, your graphics are still messed up, the background in the alt1 and alt 2 is missing, if thats how u want it then enjoy

11 Nov 2002, 04:25
I like it a lot, I'll put it in asap. Thanks

13 Nov 2002, 13:33
Very good style :)

14 Nov 2002, 05:55
im going to use around around christmas for my board :p

15 Nov 2002, 10:34
Nice I will use this!

17 Nov 2002, 17:08
Yes me too

19 Nov 2002, 00:13
Very nice (Y)

20 Nov 2002, 03:33
Looks awesome. Thanks for sharing:)

Tony G
20 Nov 2002, 10:49
*Snatches the color scheme*

:p ;)

26 Nov 2002, 03:59
Originally posted by Nancy C
I'm definitely doing something wrong. This one, when I go to download "christmas.zip" my browser tells me it doesn't know what to do with it, when I tell it to save, it comes up as "attachment.php".

I'm a Mac lover, using MSIE 5.1, Mac OS 9.2.
It may be a bit late but for others with similar problems, just save it as something.zip (include the extension; you might need to turn them on in the Finder). Then StuffIt Expander will properly open it. That's for OS X BTW. In 9 the technique might still work; you can try dragging the file onto SIE too.

It is very annoying, I don't think IE5.x properly handles content-disposition or other headers.

lost myself
01 Dec 2002, 02:55
okay I uploaded the style sets to the location in the direction, now how do I get VB to read it?

Is there a christmas.style file I am missing?

lost myself
01 Dec 2002, 03:23
nevermind, I'm retarted I found it.

Could someone look at my board and tell me why the file name would be for the home button top right side?

www.thewatchdesk.com (http://www.thewatchdesk.com)

imported_Keyser Söze
01 Dec 2002, 03:23
yes the .style file is located in the zip, u must go to your admin cp and upload the style in there


oops, ok, glad it worked out

-edit again- im there looking now, registerd, but still waiting for my email confirmation

imported_Keyser Söze
01 Dec 2002, 03:31
ahh, i see now, as stated in the instructions, there is a image in the extras folder, that is blank, i made it like that so you can add your site logo to it, as you see in mine,

heres the image just in case u cant seem to find it

must be renamed to match, the notext part has to be removed

in case anyone was wondering why i havent updated this or made any others, i was gong to release a new years one too, but right after releaseing this my server crashed and since then ive had no site to work on :( so once i get back online ill try to add something to this, i wanted java snow but it messed up the animated gifs, we will see

lost myself
01 Dec 2002, 03:34
what does it need to be renamed to?

lost myself
01 Dec 2002, 03:39
Okay I got it

This is a really cool template, now I get to work on making it the default. Thanks again GREAT JOB

imported_Keyser Söze
01 Dec 2002, 03:44
hey man, did u change the lnk of the new thread and new reply, or is that something i screwed up on?

those should be a matching green

lost myself
01 Dec 2002, 03:50
i didn't change anything on purpose, nor did I attempt to. :)

Do you know where the link is giving directions to change the default thread?

imported_Keyser Söze
01 Dec 2002, 04:04
yea its in the admin cp, styles, fonts/colors/properties

then scroll down and youll see it,

should be like this

reply- images/themes/xmas/reply.gif

new thread- images/themes/xmas/newthread.gif

tell me if u dont have those images

lost myself
01 Dec 2002, 04:11
Oops! found that, but what I really meant was...

How do I make the xmas style set my default style set?

imported_Keyser Söze
01 Dec 2002, 04:30
i dont really know, except to say when u upload it and it asked if u want to override a style, or make a new one, override the default style

11 Dec 2002, 21:23
Where's the style at? It's not in the zip file!

imported_Keyser Söze
11 Dec 2002, 23:17
umm, yes it is, its labeled vbulletin.style

lost myself
14 Dec 2002, 03:25
I now have the Christmas Style as my default for the season, thanks great work

18 Dec 2002, 18:11
Yes looks good :)

imported_Keyser Söze
19 Dec 2002, 06:19
thanks ppl, i was going to make one for new years as ive gotten a "little bit" better at it, but finals and then just the holidays as it is was too busy, maybe a valentins day :D

19 Dec 2002, 07:16
looks so good and don't works on vBulletin 2.2.9 :(

imported_Keyser Söze
19 Dec 2002, 09:36
Originally posted by [Sin]
looks so good and don't works on vBulletin 2.2.9 :(

umm, u should try again, far as i know it does

what are you having a problem with?

theres not much change from 2.2.7 to 2.2.9 cept some bug fixes

lost myself
19 Dec 2002, 12:42
Works on my 2.2.9

make sure you check the box that says okay to use older version during your style set install

19 Dec 2002, 13:49
Yes i am sure that i did it
But the header-images doesn't work for example
Should I post a screenshot ?

lost myself
19 Dec 2002, 14:04
Go ahead, I don't know much but maybe some one can help.

imported_Keyser Söze
20 Dec 2002, 03:45
yes pls post a screenshot,

also, make sure you read the read me file provided, as i have a feeling you are referring to the image in the extras folder, that one needs to be edited by u and uploaded, or just uploaded, but thats where it is

Randall Rath
23 Dec 2002, 06:41
Thank you for sharing your work, it couldn't have been easy to get red and green to look that good!
I added it to our board, just in time for the holiday season, then modified it just a tiny bit by adding the "snow" script from [url=http://www.btinternet.com/~kurt.grigg/javascript/]Kurt's DHTML pages (mentioned because I read that you were thinking about doing something along that line)

Thank you, again!

imported_Keyser Söze
23 Dec 2002, 12:00
yea i was, i had a script and put it in, but it messed up all the animated images, so gave it up

hows yours do they still work with the snow?

Randall Rath
23 Dec 2002, 12:59
Yes they do - but they do hesitate a bit between the end and starting frames.
Have a look http://www.vbdesign.net/expresso/index.php?styleid=4

imported_Keyser Söze
23 Dec 2002, 13:16
same as how mine was, thats pretty messed up IMO but its your hom not mine, just enjoy

24 Dec 2002, 15:05
imho its a bit to chaotic.. I like clean styles :)

imported_Keyser Söze
24 Dec 2002, 15:46
just in general or what? can u explain

its made under the theme "so much christmas youll wanna hang yourself" and not ment to be a perminant style like year round

24 Dec 2002, 16:13
well if this was what u wanted then thats aight I guess :) but imho I think you should make it a bit less chaotic

imported_Keyser Söze
03 Dec 2003, 08:15
its the holidays once again in case anyone is loking for a style like this

02 Oct 2004, 17:08
The XML file is missing. ;)