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imported_Mystery Master
13 Nov 2003, 01:16
Hi Guys,

I'm new to the forum and have just finished creating a new christmas style which I will be zipping up and uploading for you all to download soon.

Check out the Online Demo HERE (http://www.mysterymermaid.com/forum)

13 Nov 2003, 02:35
hey thats preety good. nice work

Tony G
13 Nov 2003, 04:48
Please provide the download, as this forum is for submissions only. I'll give you time to do it in this thread so I don't have to move it anywhere.

imported_Mystery Master
14 Nov 2003, 16:09
Ok.......Here is my White Christmas Style.

14 Nov 2003, 18:46
good lad. nice work :)

15 Nov 2003, 00:39
What a style, WTG! Well done you.. :D

imported_Mystery Master
16 Nov 2003, 16:56
I forgot to add an image to the White Christmas zip.

In order for the Falling Snow Effect (javascript) to work on the forum homepage you will need to upload the attached .gif file to the following directory......."forum" place it will all the .php files

imported_Mystery Master
18 Nov 2003, 01:03
I've also noticed that 3 gif files are missing from the Christmas Style zip
Upload the 3 gif's to the following directory "forum/images/themes/white_christmas/images"
They are the "New Posts","No New Posts" & "A Closed Forum" gif's

01 Dec 2003, 02:31
I think this is also missing clear.gif too

imported_Mystery Master
01 Dec 2003, 12:35
Here it is

01 Dec 2003, 17:32
thank you very much

01 Dec 2003, 21:54
Hehehe this is a lovely style :) Nice work, i really like how you put the image underneath the links, Dont suppose you want to share how you did it? (yes i know i can just download the file and see but thats not the point ;) )

imported_Mystery Master
01 Dec 2003, 22:07
It's quite easy actually..........I just made the whole links bar as one and added the link names to it then cut them into seperate .gif files and made them so they had a transparent background.
Then find the "header file" in your admin panel and just remove the </a> tags so as the whole links bar becomes joined together.

But remember to leave the </a> tag after the last image link........in this case it's the Home Button Link

01 Dec 2003, 22:36
ty ty :p didnt understand it but heck im in a lazy mood :) Still i'll read it again when im more alert :) Cheers mate!

02 Oct 2004, 09:23
This skin was really nice. And im trying to add this to my place.
But i cant find the XML file.
It may bee me thats totally green, cas im a newbee.
Could any one help me?

02 Oct 2004, 20:59
Nope...ur right there's no XML

04 Oct 2004, 12:28
thats because this is the vb2 section which uses .style files...not xml

03 Nov 2004, 00:14
Very nice thank you