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03 Jan 2003, 04:34
After many long hard hours of designing and coding this style, it is finally done. I designed this style way back, and it just sat around, uncoded. Many people told me to code it, so i did. I got Snake~Eyes to code the style in full. After many hours of him coding it, it is finally done. We are BOTH happy at such a successful job of this style, and amazed at how good it looks.

We have a few requests, which are included in the readme in the zip file. Please read that before using the style.

Thank you all for being so patient!



Download: http://www.spectral-arts.com/downloads/

Thank you again, and enjoy!

Cypher and Snake~Eyes

03 Jan 2003, 04:36
Much time was put into this so I hope you guys enjoy it.

We would like to see where you use this style so give us some links so we can check it out on your site!

03 Jan 2003, 04:36
Regarding the report I would greatly prefer having it attached; remember a counter is maintained here, too.

03 Jan 2003, 04:38
there you go filbie:)

03 Jan 2003, 04:40
Thanks :)

Tony G
03 Jan 2003, 06:35
Can you make that screenshot bigger? It's incredibly small to see any detail besides color.

03 Jan 2003, 06:58
If you click on the link -> http://www.spectral-arts.com/downloads/
theres a larger screenshot there.

03 Jan 2003, 10:25
I certainly hope you did not intentionally choose that logo to be so similar to the AOL logo...

03 Jan 2003, 11:43

that loogo is from a font

Tony G
03 Jan 2003, 11:45
Thanks snake, better if you attach that one here Cypher.

Nice style, just where the member/threads info is placed looks weird.

03 Jan 2003, 11:49
yeah...cause some people wanted a header...i couldnt work around it

ill get a better SS up tomorrow (i gtg

04 Jan 2003, 22:29
if you download it, please post here to let us know!


06 Jan 2003, 16:35
^ Why would u care who uses it? God..

06 Jan 2003, 16:37
cause i want to keep track...why do you think

and god what...

06 Jan 2003, 16:38
You seem to think u got the upper hand over us because you've released what you think is a nice vb style.

06 Jan 2003, 16:41
... God.

06 Jan 2003, 16:57
how about you explain wtf you are talking about instead of talking useless crap

07 Jan 2003, 00:17
thx alot for the style Cypher720. I like it but i think there are missing some buttons. Would be cool if you made all of them too :)

07 Jan 2003, 00:49
i dont have tim eto make a full button set for thses...sorry

Vagrant Zero
07 Jan 2003, 10:32
Yo Cypher, here's a general rule I tend to follow that you may find useful. Never argue with idiots, they'll drag you down to thier level and beat you with experiance. And for a person who doesn't seem capable of comprehending the purpose of the 'EDIT' button I'd say our not so friendly God fearing Jamie fits the bill of idiot quite well.

Tony G
07 Jan 2003, 10:58
Jamie, please watch what you say. Fighting will not be tolerated at these forums. If you have a mean opinion about the style besides constructive critisism then you can reply, otherwise keep nasty thoughts like that to yourself.

Thank you.

07 Jan 2003, 12:41
Originally posted by Ruin's Fate
Yo Cypher, here's a general rule I tend to follow that you may find useful. Never argue with idiots, they'll drag you down to thier level and beat you with experiance. And for a person who doesn't seem capable of comprehending the purpose of the 'EDIT' button I'd say our not so friendly God fearing Jamie fits the bill of idiot quite well.

sounds like a good rule:)

07 Jan 2003, 12:52
@Jamie: Useless postings are not tolerated, if you intend on posting, make is something useful and not junk as you have been posting. This is your warning, any further useless posting may result in a ban from these forums at my or the other mods discreation

08 Jan 2003, 15:46
Nice nice nice... sort of thing i would expect from u Cypher, your work is great....... :D

08 Jan 2003, 18:19
thank you:)

i really appreciate your compliments, and i dont want to be difficult, but your site in your sig looks a LOT like http://www.voidix.com

09 Jan 2003, 17:10
Who turned the light off?

09 Jan 2003, 19:27
what are you talkin about???

09 Jan 2003, 19:54
I think hes talking about how dark the style is.

09 Jan 2003, 20:11
o...lol...didnt even think of that. yeah, its dark, but some people like it like that!

Tony G
09 Jan 2003, 23:52
Just comes down to personal taste I guess.

10 Jan 2003, 02:49
yeah....well...inever really liked them dark, but after making this, then seeing yours, my styles incorporate more dark. nothing THIS dark, but dark:)

omega buster
10 Jan 2003, 03:09
very very very nice style
i give 4/5
why 4/5?bcos the postbit is still basic...
but nice color tho...

Tony G
10 Jan 2003, 03:41
Hey, it is free. Be lucky. ;)

11 Jan 2003, 04:43
amen to that:)

Tony G
11 Jan 2003, 05:01
Don't expect spectacular free designs around. The day will probably never come.

13 Jan 2003, 07:00
Nice style Thanks alot *Installs*

13 Jan 2003, 08:17
Someday the nice free styles will come. I am currently training myself and will eventually make a free style. I am a firm believer in the free internet and styles ( though hard work ) are great ways to get your name out to millions of people so easily.

13 Jan 2003, 20:42
i dont think many people will be releasing nice free styles.

the only nice and free styles are the tech-styles and this one. others are being sold for as little as $20

Tony G
14 Jan 2003, 00:42
Even when you spend so much time making a nice style, you're hungry for some money. ;)

14 Jan 2003, 00:46
*stomach growls*

14 Jan 2003, 00:51
People need to relize that this is not the internet of 4 years ago. When i frist got into working with bulletin boards i used ubb 5. Everything anyone released for it was free. however, we had far less styles released before it required alot of code hacking. Most people that do designs know html and all its extentions has i like to call them, and a graphics program of some sort.

In short. If someone is going to sell something most of the time they are going to put the time and effort into it so it will sell well. Thats why you do not see many free design releases. not many people are ganna put alot of time into something they are not going to see anything out of.

I belive in a free internet, but i also belive anyone has a right to do what they wish with their work.

14 Jan 2003, 00:54
if i had all the time in the world, i would DEFFINATELY do some free designs. I'm thinking about opening a site of just FREE, graphical designs for vBulletin. i dont know if ill do it, cause i only have 1 free design atm, but if i can get a team of designers, i will deffinately do it. hopefully, people will donate to help keep it alive in terms of hosting, vB license, hivemail license, and all that good stuff:)

14 Jan 2003, 00:58
buy me photopost and im all yours LOL

14 Jan 2003, 01:19

well...its been decided
I'm going to open this site. Snake~Eyes (admin at PJ) and I will be opening it. I'll post a thread in the Lounge here

Tony G
14 Jan 2003, 02:01
Just when I thought there were enough skinning sites. ;)

14 Jan 2003, 02:03
how many FREE skinning sites are there?

http://www.vbulletintemplates.com/mods/showthread.php?s=&threadid=2694 <---see:)

Tony G
14 Jan 2003, 02:06
Well here's one. We have a forum on it. Don't need to dedicate the whole forum but it works well. :p

14 Jan 2003, 02:15
its not a whole forum - we will be offering free skins to download

Tony G
14 Jan 2003, 02:23
I see that, I'm not stupid. But, you want a forum for it too, No? We have free skins for download too. Maybe not all made from you or a site dedicated to it but it does the job.

We also have styles in the database too. So we're partially like that too. No?

14 Jan 2003, 02:41
its not a forum like this...not at all..

just a support forum for the styles we have.
then there will also be a general topic, and then a modified boards, just like here

i dont want the forum to be huge like ths at all. i want the SITE to be a HUGE hit....the forums willl just troubleshoot the styles, and also allow our downloaders/clients to keep in contact with us

Tony G
14 Jan 2003, 02:49
You have alot to compete with, so I'd say don't expect to get big right away. There are bazillions of style sites out there. Even free ones, just that you don't know of because they weren't hits.

Be prepared.

14 Jan 2003, 02:54
im prepared...at least i think so:)

and if you want to help out...that would be great.

possibly in the future, i will be allowing users to submit styles. the styles MUST be graphically designed...meaning very nice. they must also be approved by the staff of the site (2 people).

i dont know about that...but it is deffinately a possibility

14 Jan 2003, 02:56
and as for free vb styles...i have searched google and yahoo when i first got vb, and never saw any REAL free, graphical styles

Tony G
14 Jan 2003, 03:14
I will help, but with creating free styles once I get time. Okay?

14 Jan 2003, 03:35
sounds good!

14 Jan 2003, 07:37
Well Chypher720 you have my support hon. Id be more then willing to do soem off time work to help make a FREE style first sign of making money off me Ill grab ya by the.....

No wait I must be positive here :)

Ill help you with some of the load hon just tell me what ya want me to do :)

Tony G
14 Jan 2003, 09:14
Cypher: I'll need to work with you though, I need those image people! :p

14 Jan 2003, 09:18
available to me for development cypher is macro studio 7 , gre pixel 2 fx studio and an assorment of personal programming goodies :)

Paint shop pro 7.02
Photoshop 7

Image ready
Ulead gif animator
Ulead 3d

any macintosh application ( work )

Tony G
14 Jan 2003, 10:34
I'd say there is a application thread in the Lounge, so lets not poison this thread. ;)

14 Jan 2003, 12:30

ok ok hon I got carried away. Just wanted him to know I can help out :p

Tony G
15 Jan 2003, 00:29
http://www.vbulletintemplates.com/mods/showthread.php?s=&threadid=2694 :)

15 Jan 2003, 01:37
thanks tony - was just gonna do that:)

20 Jan 2003, 20:28
this download is going great!
we have had 731 downloads plus what ever we have here, so far...lets keep those numbers going up!

23 Jan 2003, 01:53
Im using it at

23 Jan 2003, 02:32
Well, in my opinion, I do not like it.

For one I do not like how you have the forum bits so tall, dunno but it makes me think of ikonboard *shivers*

I am not overly fond of the header either...

You did not put alot of work into a custom postbit if any, and in my opinion that is really important in a style, almost as important as a good header, so i`ll nick off another point for that.

that's my two cents worth...

23 Jan 2003, 02:37
keep your pennies

23 Jan 2003, 02:37
all i have to say.....

you get what you pay for

and 2 cents doesnt get you much

23 Jan 2003, 02:43
i can get a used floppy disk for two pennies ;)

23 Jan 2003, 03:24
but you cant get a vb layout

23 Jan 2003, 04:24
i can, its called i create my own, never do i use a style someone else designs.

23 Jan 2003, 04:42
there are tons of people who want to use other peoples styles.....thats why im opening a site about it...,

bottom line - you dont like it, dont use it. you dont have to keep coming at me, acting all quiet.

bottom line...dont like it...dont use it. you cannot criticize me for releasing something for free, becaus almost a thousand people from yaxay and PJ and here have asked me to release it...so i did. if i didnt make a postbit, o well....its still free

23 Jan 2003, 04:46
first of all, you posted this in an open board, i`d advise that you be ready for any remarks directed about your products, as have been done to me. accept it. i can make my own remarks based on how i feel about your products because there is no guideline in this open board that says "be sure to say everything looks 100% grade A. quality!". i`m off to bed now.

23 Jan 2003, 04:51
you are picking on me for releasing something for free...that people wanted.

im gonna drop this now, cause ive had a shitty week, which is probably why im getting in internet fights on numerous boards. i apologize for anything i said.


Tony G
23 Jan 2003, 08:10

Cypher, you need to be able to take constructive critisism for anything you release. You can't always get 100% happy remarks. You seem to give out alot of critisism but you're not very good at taking it in. I suggest you respect other peoples opinions because that is what you're asking for. What you dish out, you must know how it handle it when it's returned to you.

iHCF, I'm not sure if you are 'personally' attacking Cypher but when you do ive out your critisism always keep it at a professional rate and not personal. If you know you're going to go personal just don't say anything or try to tone down the 'rudeness' the responder might see.

I hope I helped.

23 Jan 2003, 16:28
yes, it did help, i`m sorry tony

23 Jan 2003, 20:17
did you install some hacks or just pre-installed thing?
Because the index page looks good, but very different from mine.
Or is it just your board and it isn't included with the syle?

Tony G
24 Jan 2003, 00:47
I have not seen any hacks, maybe some of the new things you see are done by template mods only.

24 Jan 2003, 18:54
Where it states the post information, and member information at the top... I'm trying to place a image. Where would I put the <img src...> to replace what's already there?

27 Mar 2003, 11:16
The Dreammaker style has been temporarily suspended, it will beable to be downloaded at www.vbpanel.com once it is opened. For users that have already downloaded this style, the update will contain a completed button set, a modified postbit, edited images and an updated Terms of Service agreement which will allow you to remove the Download this Style image and will have an updated copyright.


27 Mar 2003, 23:26
who are oyu .....lol??

28 Mar 2003, 00:27
absolutely brilliant style! I love it.


28 Mar 2003, 01:46
who are oyu .....lol??

um, I assume you mean me? What does that have to do with anything anyway?

My statement was in regard to :

If you click on the link -> http://www.spectral-arts.com/downloads/
theres a larger screenshot there.

Spectral Arts Design Owner

Clicking on that link takes you to a page which says what I said here. I realize it can still be downloaded thru the first link in this thread, but considering the size of the only screenshot available thus far, I dont know why anyone would install this style. Of course, I"m new here, and dont have the benefit of knowing the author(s) of the style, so I guess some may download the style based purely on their reputation.

28 Mar 2003, 02:08
ok..i didnt know what you were speaking about:)

no hard feelings:)

Ninth Dimension
04 Apr 2003, 18:43
I like this template and would be looking to use it on a new project of mine, however I would be most interested in getting the new one that you are talking about (with the edited postbit, etc..)

Any one how long it's going to be b4 it's released?

thank you.

26 Apr 2003, 12:15
wow...maybe I'm late and now I can't see the screenshot at http://www.spectral-arts.com/downloads/

is live demo available?

26 Apr 2003, 14:51
www.vbpanel.com - its not available atm though

29 Apr 2003, 21:17
So if this styles gonna be released on VBpanel (whch wasnt online the other day lol) can we still get support for it here lol or do we have to wait for VBpanel???

29 Apr 2003, 22:04
vB panel has had a database problem which is hopefully being fixed, well once the style is available for download vBPwill be working again, u will get more support @ vBP than here...

Tony G
30 Apr 2003, 07:09
It makes sense to ask for support about vBPanel styles at their site. :)

26 Jun 2003, 01:44
Super cool style bro.

I love eeeeet


29 Jun 2003, 05:40
downloaded great style just need to put together some buttons...any ideah when this syle will be complete

11 Aug 2003, 01:04
downloaded great style just need to put together some buttons...any ideah when this syle will be complete

Two weeks?

11 Aug 2003, 05:21
please do not spread rumors about release dates at vBPanel. As said before at vBP, DreamMaker ahs been halted, and may not resume production

23 Aug 2003, 10:27
Uhh, is it just me or is this one missing a lot of images...I am really getting sick of all these missing files, although I do give you props for a nice free template, please include all the files with it.

24 Aug 2003, 20:29
']Uhh, is it just me or is this one missing a lot of images...I am really getting sick of all these missing files, although I do give you props for a nice free template, please include all the files with it.
this style is no longer available for download...

25 Aug 2003, 02:17
this style is no longer available for download...

Oh thats no good

26 Sep 2003, 05:54
ive been waiting for this style for SoOoOoOoOoOoOoO long and finally get to see it in action on my forums :]

imported_Matt Whelan
06 Oct 2003, 17:34
Is vbpanel.com ever going to happen?

I wish I could have this template:(

I think constructive criticism is great when presented in a friendly manner.

06 Oct 2003, 17:49
vBPanel closed a little while back

06 Oct 2003, 18:37
vbpanel is temporarily down because of a server switch. We will be back up as soon as possible

01 Nov 2003, 09:07
Just got this style, Looks REAL nice. sure there are some missing buttons, but I love the colors, I love the layout, and I absolutely love the entire thing. Great job you guys. I hope its not labeled "Discontinued" forever. Cause its a really nice style. Simple, yet pretty :)

17 Jun 2007, 08:48
If you click on the link -> http://www.spectral-arts.com/downloads/
theres a larger screenshot there.

why do people post "demo" instead of an attached screenshots. most demos ive seen dont even work (only 2 worked, of the atleast 50)

please post a screenshot as attachment since those wont ever "not work", unless whole vbulletin.org crashes or resets all attachments.

17 Jun 2007, 11:50
Look at the date!!!:rolleyes: This thread is close to four years old! Why are you even looking at it??:confused:

19 Aug 2007, 21:17
wow 4 years to late:D