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09 Sep 2002, 04:27
This is pretty much just like the teal and red brick, but it has some different custom things. All text in templates have been modded to fit right. custom on/off mic buttons. Its a black/gray mix.

stats panel
welcome panel
quick reply
full button set (three diff sets mixed to fit nicely)
mod drop down

Hope someone enjoys this

*note, If Im making people mad by releasing all these styles thats close to the same, but not excatlly the same, just let me know*

09 Sep 2002, 04:28
now the screen shots arent the best quality

09 Sep 2002, 04:29
2nd screen

thx to people that take time to reply, rather harse or not

11 Sep 2002, 15:02
looks very good

14 Sep 2002, 19:09
sick style! How do I put it on my site?


14 Sep 2002, 23:15
goto your admin control panel and select dl/upload style

upload the style file and upload all the buttons to a diff folder of your choice. fairly easy.

here is a new screen of how I have it looking now.

18 Sep 2002, 05:46
it keeps saying Invalid Style file man..

19 Sep 2002, 18:19
Originally posted by Eternale
it keeps saying Invalid Style file man..

Same here. I'm using vbb 2.2.6. What version was the style file created for?

21 Sep 2002, 05:12
2.2.6, iono why its saying that

I re d/led it and put it in here, see if it works now

Tony G
21 Sep 2002, 05:55
Nice work there Fiend. :)

22 Sep 2002, 18:10
ooo i like that alot...well done...


29 Sep 2002, 20:48
when you upload the style file, select the button that says use this style if not a supported one... or something like that

Tony G
30 Sep 2002, 01:58
You just upload it as a new style, unless you want to override another style.

01 Oct 2002, 05:26
i dont understand how to upload this?

Tony G
01 Oct 2002, 05:43
Go to your Admin CP - Style Sets - Download/Upload.

When you reach that page go to the download section. Browse on your PC to find the style file. Then upload it as a new style, unless you want to overide the other style. And that should be it.

01 Oct 2002, 06:01
i upload it but it looks nothing like the screen shot..it looks like the regular vb version on vb.com...i dont know if i did it right, but i hit browse, went in unzipped, clicked black brick style, and uploaded the thing that said vbulletin.

Tony G
01 Oct 2002, 07:19
He must have zipped the wrong style file then.

26 Apr 2003, 11:30
May I see it live?

Tony G
26 Apr 2003, 12:43
I think the screenshots show anything that is edited, so anything else just would be default.

08 Sep 2003, 18:03
will this work with 2.3.0??

15 Oct 2003, 15:36
It's a nice style but im not too keen on how you used one of the mods, where erm it counts how many times ur names been said etc. I like how you did it but having it how you have sayin like "You have been called out blah blah" gives the wrong impression to some people. I own a rap site too you see and i dont want people thinking their getting dissed so many times lmfao. Its a brilliant style though suits perfectly. Little bit of modding to do and im happy :) thanks alot