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09 Feb 2003, 23:22
Essence Class Seven.
PoDesign Studios style set number four.
Public Release number four.

This style is made mainly for the broadband users, as it is heavily affiliated with graphics, more so than the previous PoDesign releases.

This style comes with a much larger image bank, note however all are still not included. It includes a new set i have been working on the past day or so.

To view a live demo of the style, click here.

The screenshot is in this post, the zip in the next.

- Josh
- PoDesign Studios

09 Feb 2003, 23:23
And here is the zip file.

09 Feb 2003, 23:23
Cypher, sorry for going off on you. And just because you pointed it out, here are sharper on, off, onlock, and off lock buttons, and a closed button.

10 Feb 2003, 00:05
:) - 'nough said

10 Feb 2003, 00:10
I have made a newer version, well, just an addon. I have added my own "welcome" panel, more of an information panel.

You can see what i am talking about here (http://www.podesign.co.uk/vb/index.php?styleid=8).

Here is the .style/.zip file...

10 Feb 2003, 00:59
nice...looks better

10 Feb 2003, 01:01
Thought the forumhome needed to be spiced up a bit... i feel kinda silly and stupid, i just now figured out the usefulness of using things like

<!-- Welcome Panel -->
<!-- End Welcome Panel -->

to mark my place in the templates... *blushes*

10 Feb 2003, 16:31
For those who wish to make more buttons for the header, here is the .psd file for the buttons (http://www.podesign.co.uk/topimage.psd).

10 Feb 2003, 17:03
Look at all them options!

Take a look at the new category images (http://www.podesign.co.uk/vb/index.php?styleid=8), if you want these new ones, just download the attached zip file which includes the new category images.

11 Feb 2003, 00:16
Very cool, thank you iHCF.

omega buster
11 Feb 2003, 03:32
nice.won`t use it though.cos it looks so similliar with ilogical sense and infamous fame.and i`ve already use those 2 style :D :D

Tony G
13 Feb 2003, 06:43
Nice style, but backing everything with images isn't my thing.

13 Feb 2003, 23:50
nice work.. i like most of your stuff ;)

omega buster
14 Feb 2003, 14:25
Originally posted by Snake~eyes
nice work.. i like most of your stuff ;)
especially the button
i like it:)

20 Feb 2003, 07:09
Thank you for this beautiful style! I just uploaded it and am very pleased...

Question: How do I remove the choose style pull down menu at the top? I do not offer various styles

20 Feb 2003, 20:19
Well part of the code for the style drop down is in the phrasephp? templeate and the rest is in your forumhome templeate.

omega buster
21 Feb 2003, 03:10
if i`m not wrong,go to forumhome template and search for this code:

delete it

21 Feb 2003, 05:48
Originally posted by omega buster
if i`m not wrong,go to forumhome template and search for this code:
$styledropdown delete it

That did the trick! Thanks so much for helping me out with this

21 Feb 2003, 08:52
it's a very beautiful style thx for this

21 Feb 2003, 13:03
1 question, how do i get these images

21 Feb 2003, 13:03
1 question, how do i get these images

21 Feb 2003, 14:06
sorry about double post

21 Feb 2003, 20:30
those arent images, i had just put those there so it would block out the user's names who has posted on the board... etc etc blergy

13 Mar 2003, 06:12
in the attachment it shows that i can;t get that gif to show
because the address is wrong
it happens when i search for new posts


thats the address it seems to be asking for how do i correct this?

Major Chrome
13 Mar 2003, 07:00
Great Skin man!

10 Jul 2003, 05:54
Quesiton, when I try to edit the psd file on Adobe, it says .. Font error or something like that hence I don't have the font you used, can you either A, attact it to this thread, or B tell me the name so I can download it somehwere. Thanks.

- EWorld

13 Jul 2003, 15:17
same problem here, can u pls tell what font u are using?

and can u also attach the .PSD for the other button like "http:// , SEND PM , PROFILE etc


and uhh skin looks great !

26 Aug 2004, 22:20
best template i have yet seen. first saw it on anime-empire.net. good that i was able to get this thanks alot!

26 Aug 2004, 22:32
****. is there anyway to get this template for 3.0.3?

31 Aug 2004, 23:47
PLease update ur forum links shown as demo above.
all are dead

05 Sep 2004, 13:13
is there anyway at all to change it so that it can work on vb 3.0.3?

21 Apr 2005, 10:59
thx top style


30 Sep 2005, 04:33
Can you make this for 3.5.0?

08 Apr 2006, 17:41
That's a good looking style. :) To bad it's for 2.0 (someone should get permission to port it over...)