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06 Mar 2003, 17:36
New Style Blue

No Screenshot Available, if someone would be so kind as to provide one, I will edit this post with the attachment.

27 Mar 2003, 00:04
Here is an screenshot..

The style its really good but the {imagesfolder} inside the replacement {tablebottomusercp} and {tablebottom} didn't work to me so i have changed the {imagesfolder} for the path to the images folder images/vbnewstyle01-blue

I dunno what is wrong with my test forum :) maybe that it is actually in my computer:rolleyes:

Even so, I like the style well done ;)

Tony G
27 Mar 2003, 05:04
Thank you for providing the screenshot, it's nice. :)

26 Apr 2003, 06:34
yea, thanks for the SS

05 Nov 2007, 10:43
Downloaded it.Will first try it and then see if I can install it for permanent :)