View Full Version : The Greenpepper Style!

19 Sep 2002, 17:12
Heya i thought i would upload me greenpepper style (the name of my site) so you can have a go and possibly give me some feedback.

as seen here http://forums.lairyfish.com

19 Sep 2002, 18:43
Yeah... but you have to be into grean! Nice work

19 Sep 2002, 20:51
ive just changed it to the Lairyfish style, sorry to be annoying but i think this one is better!


01 Oct 2002, 05:08
I like both, how about that new one you got now? Also how do I edit the header to put in my baner so it looks properly

Tony G
01 Oct 2002, 06:45
I like the blue scheme. Although I'd make the background lighter but thats fine. :)

03 Oct 2002, 00:15
Those are awesome styles, is there anywhere we have to edit for the images like banners and stuff ? any help is appreciated thanks

06 Oct 2002, 04:47
this is something i think i will use. i almost never see styles that good released for free.

Tony G
06 Oct 2002, 05:03
Yep this is one of the rare places you will find free ones. :)

06 Oct 2002, 12:51
Originally posted by Tony
Yep this is one of the rare places you will find free ones. :)

but not always free ;)

Tony G
06 Oct 2002, 13:26
Most are, paid ones aren't going to be posted here I think. Other places for that.

06 Oct 2002, 15:07
well it hasn't stopped them so far has it ?

07 Oct 2002, 01:17
very nice keep up the good work :)

08 Oct 2002, 20:34
looks like planetarion.com style :D

08 Oct 2002, 21:29
it looks ok but nothing much out of the ordenary...

14 Dec 2002, 17:29
how can you change the headers and the footer without loosing the menu?
cause I would like to have my own banner and stuff

Tony G
15 Dec 2002, 00:57
You can put in your own banner under 'vBulletin Logo' in the style settings for the style.

15 Dec 2002, 13:21
I know, but then you lose the nav bar, and I like this one verry much. So I'm trying to make something what looks like this one, but I can't.
The style would be totally perfect when Geepak could give me the psd of the header and the footer, but I understand if he doesn't because he spent a lot of work on those.

@Geepak: could you please give me the psd of the header and the footer?

Tony G
15 Dec 2002, 13:43
Well then change the file URL's through the 'header' template for the header and 'footer' template for the footer.

16 Dec 2002, 11:07
I know ho to change that, but I just can't succeed with a good remake of the header. So I'm still trying.

14 Apr 2003, 13:47
its not up anymore, anyone got it installed so i can seE?

14 Apr 2003, 23:38
got a took it down in like september, really am going to put it back up tho onto my new one so y'all can see it again.

Sorry for not responding before i havent been here for months, been too busy!

Check out http://www.the3rdtower.com/forums for now as thats where i will put it, i may also put the style thats there now up for you lot to download.