View Full Version : [Release] Grey/Blue Style with ALOT of templete mods

01 Dec 2002, 18:51
This is my first style and it took me a while. Basicly I made a nice color scheme, installed some of my own mods, and then took a mess of other peoples mods (credited below) and installed them. Its like a pre hacked style. Here are the mods i used from others and myself:

New Getinfo Layout
Compact Footer
Most active thread
Top thread starter/poster
My Interesting Header Modification
My forumhome footer mod
Forumdisplay Category
The Ultimate User CP
New Announcement Bit
Page Nav. Blocks
Mu Ultra 1337 Postbit
Hackless/imageless PM bar on forumhome
New Last Post By Layout
Blue Button Set

Here is the zip, a screenshot is below

01 Dec 2002, 18:54

EDIT: please note the button set in the screen is NOT the button set that comes with the style

02 Dec 2002, 03:34
it says the zip has been downloaded 6 times and nooje replied sayin they installed it or thank you or anything :\

02 Dec 2002, 03:39
You censored out the page title but you realize that you didn't censor the URL or IE's title...?

02 Dec 2002, 03:50
oops crap X_X

acually i didnt need to censor the page title, i was having fun with the blur tool lol

Tony G
02 Dec 2002, 05:25
LOL, Silly. :p

Nice scheme.

02 Dec 2002, 18:22
very nice thanx

02 Dec 2002, 22:08
hey if you use it can i have the url to your board?

02 Dec 2002, 22:22
nice style...well done

02 Dec 2002, 22:31
Be sure to view my security warning for the Most Active Thread mod.

03 Dec 2002, 19:27
Meh, not my type of style. But it seems to work for others. Well done!

08 Dec 2002, 12:09
Will install
thanks ^_^

02 Feb 2003, 00:10
Nice, I'm uploading it now.

16 Feb 2003, 20:26
Gwo thanks for removing my name and email link from the copyright......

23 Feb 2003, 01:05
Huh? If you want it added, I'll put it in to mine. I'm in the process of making it vBPortal-Compatible right now.

25 Feb 2003, 21:57
uhm *slaps forhead* I guess I zipped the version where I didnt include the copyright, oh well :p

25 Feb 2003, 22:11
As an update, I installed this style perfectly, and ported over some aspects of it to my other styles. (IE: The new User CP is now in all my styles :D)
Live demo here (
Reset style choice here (

(I called the style "Darkness Falls" if you're wondering.)

26 Feb 2003, 01:22

man your cat background (cat_bg_02) REALLY needs to go

26 Feb 2003, 12:48
Originally posted by Sephiroth32
it says the zip has been downloaded 6 times and nooje replied sayin they installed it or thank you or anything :\

Downloaded, but not using it - Nice work !

Xx The Game Xx
26 Feb 2003, 17:14
Thank You, I like it. When I am done installing, I will pm you my link.

27 Feb 2003, 05:16
Originally posted by Sephiroth32

man your cat background (cat_bg_02) REALLY needs to go lol... thanks for the input :rolleyes:

I'll be spending about 6 hours in the next 2 days just working on my styles. I have one that I'm trying to get in to a functional condition, so that I can give it to one of my friends. :rolleyes:

Is it just me, or does no one else use vBPortal? If you do, and you want styles, just PM me. I've got a few of them, and I've gotten pretty good at reconstructing styles to work with vBPortal. :D

27 Feb 2003, 11:40
gona check your style :)