View Full Version : Black/Grey (No Hacks)

15 Sep 2002, 03:45
This is the same template I posted before without the hacks in the templates as requested by the e-mails I got :)

15 Sep 2002, 03:46

Tony G
15 Sep 2002, 04:13
Nice, although those top buttons don't match the scheme well.

15 Sep 2002, 07:38
nice man, thx a lot

15 Sep 2002, 09:41
yes.i think so.

Tony G
15 Sep 2002, 09:52
Did you change the postbit at all? Can we get a screen of that if you did?

15 Sep 2002, 12:11
no its the default posbit.

Tony G
15 Sep 2002, 13:12
On your hacked one?

15 Sep 2002, 13:25
no my hacked one has a postbit I made for my rpg system, the non-hacked one has the default postbit

Tony G
15 Sep 2002, 14:06
Are all your hacks on the hacked postbit not use file editing? I find that hard to believe..

15 Sep 2002, 16:05
hey thanks for the no hacks one man.
but i wanted to know if you could tell me how to make the table on the forum index bigger. i have 800x600 desktop setting.
its the same on your site. the forum index doesnt fill out the whole screen, but when u go into a category, or sub forum it fills the screen perfectly. any help ?

15 Sep 2002, 16:31
Yea, in the ForumHome template

Find this:
<table cellpadding="4" cellspacing="{tableinnerborderwidth}" border="0" {tableinnerextra} width="80%">

Then Change:

Then where it says width="x%" change that to the % you want it to be, i.e. 100% would be all the way across.

15 Sep 2002, 16:54
thanks man

15 Sep 2002, 16:56
oh yea, in forumhome template, the bg.gif is linked to your server. so u might want to change that if u dont want to give away free bandwidth,

15 Sep 2002, 17:04
if you don't want to use my server, then you can just replace the link with the following:


depending on what image it is.

15 Sep 2002, 19:39
yea i already changed it, jut thought i would let u know.

16 Sep 2002, 01:29
sorry to keep bugging you about this style,
but i was wondering if u have a top_???.gif
for a button that says PM?

a top_pm.gif as it would be

sorry again.

16 Sep 2002, 01:34
no I don't sorry, I got that button set from this site.

16 Sep 2002, 04:58
ok thanks

16 Sep 2002, 05:16
EDIT: nevermind, i skimmed through and missed a part:o

19 Sep 2002, 19:34
ayeah, much better without the hack. Very much appreciated

22 Sep 2002, 19:16
love black n grey...nice work...


Richy T.
01 Oct 2002, 20:51
Wow, that looks great. I think I may change mine to that scheme.

05 Oct 2002, 17:36
Good looking style. Nice job :)

14 Oct 2002, 19:53
Hi.. Why does any of the top buttons go to "The Page Can Not Be Displayed".. Can I Fix It In An Easy Way.. I Luv This Style.. Its Great.. Thx :-)

12 Nov 2002, 18:57
Im really sorry to have to ask this. Im pretty new to this scene and id like to know what i have to do to be able to add this style to my site (Without it overriding the current style i have right now) I downloaded the package and just didnt understand what all to do.
If someone has a few minutes, please reply(or PM) and help me out ifu dont mind.
Mucho thanks!

13 Nov 2002, 02:54
its really very good

13 Jan 2003, 08:35
I downloaded an used it on our site for Everquest. Our 60 members enjoy it very much. Including the buttons :)

05 Feb 2003, 16:38
nice work i like this set alot.