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28 Sep 2002, 06:27
Somebody deleted my post, I will find out who and take action, anyway, here is my style I hope you all like it. I cannot take a screenshot. Can someone please install it and then post a screenshot? Thanks.
NOTE: You MUST leave my copyright at the bottom, if I find anyone using it without the copyright note I will take action.


28 Sep 2002, 08:38
hmm maybe attaching the images as per the forums rules would help for your style

28 Sep 2002, 08:53
Can someone plz download it, install it and then post a screenshot?

Tony G
28 Sep 2002, 10:43
Haven't you tested and installed it yourself?

28 Sep 2002, 11:47
Yes of course I have, I made it. But I cannot get a screenshot.
Please can you get one?

28 Sep 2002, 11:56
so pressing the printscreen key and pasting into lets say paint for example doesn't work ?.The rules for submitting state all images and a screenshot should be posted,or is it just a select few that only get moaned at ?

28 Sep 2002, 12:05
Sorry about that,
heres the screenshot:..............

28 Sep 2002, 17:56
hmm .. nothing shows up ..

28 Sep 2002, 18:06
it looks ok you did something wrong cuz it opened up piant shop pro :S

imported_Keyser Söze
28 Sep 2002, 22:30
lol, yea mine just opens paint

try saving it as a jpg not bmp

28 Sep 2002, 23:15
please save it as a jpg or gif, bmp load to slow and mine open's paint and nothing show's up it's just white

29 Sep 2002, 01:21
Its weird, someone having this much trouble getting a ss, is posting a Style...

Tony G
29 Sep 2002, 01:36
Don't expect any support from him, he was banned for another reason.

29 Sep 2002, 01:52

29 Sep 2002, 01:54
Edit: Useless post....

Tony G
29 Sep 2002, 02:37
Guess you don't go away to easily, do you? Pity.

29 Sep 2002, 03:58
Shame on him

29 Sep 2002, 04:35
Banned once, twice, its all the same, you are still banned. Will it take a third time? Let's hope not.....

29 Sep 2002, 05:03
I am very sorry for what happened. It will never happen again, when will you let me back into vbT?
From vbchris (A.K.A. thegreatone, chrisrobinson13)

29 Sep 2002, 05:20
An @vbulletin.com e-mail, really funny, and you thought you would get by with that for what reason? Really, quit while you are ahead, further spam by you and I will be in contact with your ISP.

Tony G
29 Sep 2002, 08:19
I don't think registering again and again is going to help, chris.

What you did was wrong, and all you had to do was be smart and not spam all those topics that you did. So I agree for you to just stop while your ahead before you dig yourself down deeper into more trouble.

30 Sep 2002, 17:12
what I actually find funny and hypochritical is the fact that you ban the guy fair enough,but then have the cheek to leave his style to download ?

Red Shadow
30 Sep 2002, 17:26
so there are no screenshots of this style yet?

02 Oct 2002, 03:26

02 Oct 2002, 14:32
hey [WiZZarD] cool sig i love them phong tutorials they ROCK!!

02 Oct 2002, 17:31
Originally posted by sphinx
what I actually find funny and hypochritical is the fact that you ban the guy fair enough,but then have the cheek to leave his style to download?

Chris submitted the style, I nor anyone else forced him to do so. His banning was a result of his actions, separate from that of his submission to vBulletinTemplates. I see no reason that the users of the community should be deprived of downloading the style, which was submitted for download, just because he was banned.

05 Oct 2002, 16:29
LOL, the screeny is 1 MB and it doesn't even work ! :p

08 Oct 2002, 10:35
stylish style? :)
the lengths i had to go through to get that screenshot working, tis insane but here it is below screenshot of a screenshot :confused:
the colours aren't that bad from what i see in the screenshot

Tony G
08 Oct 2002, 11:14
The colors aren't that bad but that scheme is used alot.

08 Oct 2002, 12:39
its i usual style ... i dont hate it ... but i dont like it really ... no specials no hithlights :)

11 Oct 2002, 13:18
Thanks guys, (chris wanted me to add that)
Chris is my little brother (the creator of the style)
Why did he get banned anyways? BYE

11 Oct 2002, 13:43
Spam, multiple registrations, stating he was going to hack the board, and many more reasons......:rolleyes:

11 Oct 2002, 19:27
this is the most funniest thread i have seen in a while. LOL


12 Oct 2002, 10:35
oh :(