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12 Sep 2002, 20:40
Didn't take long at all, it's just colours, I made it for you first time installers out there, that haven't made any modifications.

Although it's very simple to use any other template set/replacement set you have already, simply change the properties.

So, like I said it's just a style set for the colours, not any modified templates :)

Screenshot in .zip file along with the .style file ;)

Bad Bunny
13 Sep 2002, 06:24
No screenshot?

13 Sep 2002, 06:57
nice style n9ne ... kinda similar to chrome style though .. :p

BB> the screenshot is in the zip file like n9ne had said ... but I include it here anyway ... :D

Tony G
13 Sep 2002, 08:22
Indeed a nice color scheme. :)

13 Sep 2002, 16:13
white text color would be better though

13 Sep 2002, 17:18
White text doesn't seem to look good on these colours, however you can simply change it to your preference :)

Tony G
14 Sep 2002, 02:25
Grey would work well. But it can't be too bright.

14 Sep 2002, 10:00
I tried grey too, still didn't like it :( so I just stuck with black :)

Tony G
14 Sep 2002, 12:22
Black is the worst to stay with it. I'd prefer the white.

18 Sep 2002, 06:55
i like it yeah white would look way better though try yellow maybe that would work never know peace

Tony G
18 Sep 2002, 12:40
Yellow? Too bright for those colors.

18 Sep 2002, 14:03
I like bright colors :P hmm Maybe a Light Baby Blue would look nice

19 Sep 2002, 19:08
Thanx! I like dark styles

05 Oct 2002, 20:49
Very good style ! Well, changing the color of the text is a piece of cake. For the ones who don't know how to do it. Here's a little tutorial:

Login to the Admin CP
Navigate to Styles > Modify
Click the link "fonts/colors/etc" next to the style you want to edit
Scroll down until you see: "Body tag"
Edit the part: text="#000000" into any color you want. If you do not know the HEX codes for colors, use a program like photoshop to get the HEX code.
Scroll down further until you see: "Page Text Color" and change that into the same HEX number as you use in the "Body tag". You can also use a different HEX code here, but this will give your page 2 diffrent colors.
Now, click the "Save Changes" button

That's the procedure :)

----- EDIT

I've included a fitting buttonset (the Silver Button Set by SaintDog), vBulletin_logo.gif and menu_background.gif inside the attached .zip file.

05 Oct 2002, 21:16
Here's the screenshot of the full package:

Tony G
06 Oct 2002, 03:52
Not bad, although I'd make the background color all one. That would look alot better. :)

11 Oct 2002, 18:16
Thanks Neo :)