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08 Sep 2002, 09:21
Here is one I made, free for anyone to have, Its pretty much the same as the red brick only its teal.

quick reply
stats panel
welcome panel
pm panel
All buttons
mod drop down
style select box

Hope some people like

08 Sep 2002, 09:22
screen shot 1

again these are LOW quality screens

08 Sep 2002, 09:23
second screen

Tony G
08 Sep 2002, 09:35
I hate the green background of it, and how you have clear background to your gradients. But otherwise it's okay. :)

08 Sep 2002, 09:37
Same thing with this file Fiend. But nice... You plan on releases your others too?

08 Sep 2002, 10:20
nice one m8 at least you are posting for other members to use good work keep it up,I am actually working on a green style now

Tony G
08 Sep 2002, 13:36
Yeah it's good to see more then one out. Also a paid one has come out too. Very good. :)

08 Sep 2002, 13:45
yeah I know about the paid one but think that as good as it is some people prefer free like myself,as this is what a community is all about and this is with no disrespect to those who make or pay for stylesto this end it is good to encourage members to post their styles,which is what this forum was sadly lacking in,so finally it seems we have more participation in this forum ;)

Tony G
08 Sep 2002, 13:59
Well if you want a preview of the paid one it's on vBt. I think it's worth the payment too. Haven't seen a style like it before. :)

08 Sep 2002, 15:59
I actually don't need a preview as I beta tested it,I am not saying that paid styles are a bad thing,what I am saying is this,that it is all well and good doing styles for sale and all respect to anyone who creates and distributes this way and good luck to them,but what we have to remember is this,not everyone has access to money be it their age or their circumstances,so free styles are a better option for them and just because some one charges for their style doesn't mean it is any better or worse than a style given away freely,whether a style has been seen or not before.
I am sorry if my opinion offends but to me a sense of community means that we HELP each other free and gratis as this is what a community is all about a lot of boards will go and have gone down because of a lack of this community spirit.
So yeah I see that some people want some recognition of their hard work in the form of payment but gratitude is enough payment for me and fair play to the people who do sell them as that is their perogative,but as I am in the older bracket of memebrs here I see things like as sod you jack I'm alright.
So the people who sell their styles have my respect but I am afriad I show more respect to people who share.

08 Sep 2002, 18:13
not feelin in..:(

08 Sep 2002, 18:22
thx i shall test this

06 Oct 2002, 16:11
oh man...
keep working on it.. you get it eventually ;O

06 Oct 2002, 20:03
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06 Oct 2002, 20:20
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06 Oct 2002, 20:25
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