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28 Mar 2004, 13:11
I've (I@VE) not finished yet but I am close with it and I want to know if anyone else would be wanting a copy of the style I am working on.

Basically it is an oversized version of the default style suitable for people who need large print due to visual difficulties as vB does not alter when you change you settings in your browser to the largest size text available.

I don't have any screenshots available as obviously everything is oversized and therefore cannot be screenshotted as it doesn't fit nicely onto the screen.

The reason I'm developing this is because I know a number of visually impaired people who cannot use a lot of the internet because the text is too small. Some people have special readers and specail screens so they can use it but they are very expensive and not many people can afford them.

If you would be interested in beta testing this style or a copy of it when it is finished I would appreciate a reply to this thread.

This style is most likely going to end up as a paid for one but at this stage I am looking for a few sites (Max 15) to have a free version as beta testers (They will get the finished version free) and then possibly a further 10 sites on a first come first served basis to have a free copy as well. The final price for this style has not been decided yet but once I am at the stage for releasing it I will update this thread with the details and a link to a live demo. (Demo currently on my local host so allowing live access is not a viable option)

28 Mar 2004, 19:44
This thread is for submissions only.

28 Mar 2004, 19:46
very sorry, I misunderstood the section when I posted.

Can a mod/admin move this for me pls?

Thanx :)