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Sean James
27 May 2004, 07:54
I have been having problems on my new vBulletin theme.


i am changing forum_old.gif and forum_new.gif to forum_old.jpg and forum_new.jpg

My problem is that even with the code in the template changed, my forum still shows the old gif files.

p.s. i only have one template installed, when i do searches on forum_old.gif etc i get no results, when i do searches on forum_old.jpg etc its being shown correctly that i have changed it. But when viewing my website i still see the old GIF files.
I am also using CTRL F5, so its not a cache problem either.

any help will be appreciated.

27 May 2004, 08:44
Anyreason you need to use .jpg? usualy for small files .gif is the best way to go

Tony G
27 May 2004, 08:51
The only problem that occured to me as I was reading that was cache, but it even displays for me. If you've changed them correctly in the templates, you should see the change.

Try changing the first name completly. not forum_old, use a completly different name and link to that.

Sean James
27 May 2004, 16:28
I tried everything tony with no success, so i ended up sticking with GIF.

Almost completed my theme now :D.

Just need help with one more thing ;)
Just under , thread tool, search this thread, rate thread etc menu, on the showthread page, the post bits seem to be at 95% width.

I i cant seem to find a table anywhere to change the width to 100%, any ideas?

here is the page i am talking about http://www.ad.clanz.biz/forum/showthread.php?t=149

18 Nov 2004, 00:31
i have this same problem, rather than just use gif (because the edges just won't come out clear for some reason) i'd like to use png's, i changed the filenames in all of the templates, but still it's looking for forum_new.gif.

anyone know how to fix this?

- inverted

edit: i'd like to use gif's, but the edges of all my icons get really crappy. if anyone could give me design advice on how to make a gif with CLEAN, straight edges then i'd use gif, png is clean and transparent in firefox, but not transparent in IE. blah, i'm frustrated.