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28 Sep 2004, 22:25
Just in the final stages of this board that is geared towards the domain name industry. I know it needs a lot more work, but we are trying!

DNWizards.Com (http://www.dnwizards.com)

Thanks for looking..... :)

28 Sep 2004, 23:01
Its nice for sure, but isnt it a little too specific?? What i mean is, there aren't that many people interested in that, and when u do get members, they might only join for a question, then become inactive. You should put more forums up, like entertainment, computers, sports, etc. but at the same time your main theme can stay the same :D

28 Sep 2004, 23:16
Thanks for the information. I too agree that it may need additional forums, but at the same time, there are many active domain name communities that are very sucessful.

28 Sep 2004, 23:19
i see, i didnt know.....go with what feels right :D

29 Sep 2004, 00:10
I need members bad....

29 Sep 2004, 00:47
lol, go to search engines like google and alta vista. They have things (might need to pay a little) where you can submit your site, and even make it appear @ the top of the results. So when anyone searches for say dns or dns forums, or something like that, ur site comes up :)

29 Sep 2004, 01:09
I agree that SEO has to be done soon.