View Full Version : Silverback - V1

21 Feb 2005, 11:57
Actually a 3.0.6 style, rather simple one really and nothing to do with gorillas. My first attempt at a "release" style.

Looks OK with the default vBulletin graphics but looks nicer with Zachery's "Black Buttons" from http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/showthread.php?t=113473

The files from silverback-V1.zip should go into a folder silverback inside your main forum folder.

A "live" version of this style, using slightly different templates from the vB default can be found at http://www.ten-tenths.com/forum/index.php?styleid=1017

07 Mar 2005, 14:59
Hey, I liked the style but the vbulletin logo looked bad because it stood out too much from the background, so I edited it in photoshop, this one looks much better, so just upload it to your images/misc file and rename the logo file in the style manager, enjoy, and thanks for sharing yours!!! Also, where is the code for the ad bar located?? I'm not sure that I like it on there....