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Mr Blunt
30 Jun 2005, 09:54
Honestly, I never understood why there isn't a global on/off switch in the adminCP for the autoparse checkbox (or maybe I'm too stupid to know which one it is, lol) but I've been editing php files to uncheck it .... until the plugin system came along!!!

So I put together what I THINK are all the neccessary places to uncheck this by default and I THINK it should be ok but if a few of you can double check me I would really appreciate it!!! The only one I can't safely turn off yet is the one for PM's so it's not included in v1. If someone finds a nice place for it, I will gladly add it to the file!! I like critisism so if someone sees or knows of a better way to accomplish what this does, by all means, please speak up!!

One XML file that installs 7 different plugins.

That's it .... no fuss ... no muss .... no coconuts!!!
Please note that these do not "disable" the checkbox.
Users can still use the checkbox if they desire.
And they can still use the insert hyperlink button.

....and if you like this plugin, then you MIGHT want to check back soon cause I have another hack to be used in conjunction with this that will automatically parse all "onsite url's" (like posted forum and thread links) even if the autoparse checkbox is turned off .... only trouble is THAT one requires file edits while this one doesn't .... so I'm keeping them seperated (check the "modifications" forum in a couple more days).

edited to say I did post the onsite autoparsing code modications:


30 Jun 2005, 14:45
Thanks, been waiting for something like this. :)

30 Jun 2005, 15:21
screen please

Mr Blunt
30 Jun 2005, 16:09
You mean a picture??
There's nothing to take a picture of bro.

Install the plugin and the autoparse checkbox won't be checked anymore.
Pages like editpost, newthread, newreply, newpoll, usernote, and inline merging of posts.

07 Jul 2005, 22:02
I'm kind of confused on how to install this. I think it's a great thing but lost on install.

Mr Blunt
08 Jul 2005, 01:37
I'm kind of confused on how to install this. I think it's a great thing but lost on install.
So let's walk you through it.
Feel free to speak up again if your still confused.

1) Download file
2) Unzip file to a folder
3) Open a web browser
4) Go into your site's AdminCP
5) Find "Plugin System" in left column
6) Uncollapse it and click "Download/Upload Plugins"
7) Scroll to bottom and click the "Browse" button.
8) Find the folder which you unzipped my file to.
9) Upload my "uncheck_url_plugin-v1.xml" file.
10) Your done!!

There should no longer be a checkmark in any of the "parse all links in text" checkboxes by default.

06 Oct 2005, 18:55
Clicks Install


09 Oct 2005, 21:52
Thank you quick and nice plug !

25 Jan 2006, 19:35
doesn't work

25 Jan 2006, 20:07
doesn't work
very constructive bug report.. lol

can you be more specific if you want to receive help ?

25 Jan 2006, 20:13
after the installation, i tried to post a link in new thread ( it works) but then when i edited the post... itdoesn;t work anymore.

04 Feb 2006, 05:52
i need this mod working asap, its only working on NEW THREAD
and not edit etc

13 Feb 2006, 07:44
To fix the Edit unparse url, do the following:

Edit the Plugin: Uncheck_URL_editpost_update.

Change the Hook Location to editpost_edit_complete.

Change the Plugin PHP Code to $checked['parseurl'] = '';.

Save it, and it will work.

16 Apr 2006, 15:22
anyway to include the uncheck to quick reply??

16 Apr 2006, 20:59
Fantastic hack!!!

Works on new posts, and even on edit (with addition of post) and save..
works great!

This is a great modification to stop some of the newbish users who just spam links to other sites, they will be required to atleast use the hyperlink feature.

Thanks again!

17 Apr 2006, 18:53
anyway to include the uncheck to quick reply??


13 Sep 2007, 21:44
Had hack working until upgraded to 3.6.8 now its stopped

13 Sep 2007, 21:49
Had hack working until upgraded to 3.6.8 now its stopped

Same here ... was working fine till last update to 3.6.8 .... worst is tht not even the Wrap tag isnt working :( .... any help would be greatfull



22 Jun 2009, 19:19
it works on my 3.8.1