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18 Jul 2005, 06:30
I know that the buff levels are used to determine the strength of a weapon/spell etc. I was just wondering whether it would be correct to assume that when you are fighting without a weapon your fist has a buff level of 0?

If this is the case then by default without altering the values out of the installation would this mean that bare handed fighting is the same as buying a weapon with a buff level of 0? ie. No Change in Dmg Output.

Would anyone be willing to toss out some of the values they are using on their boards just as a point of interest?

24 Jul 2005, 09:30
Okay since no one bothered to help me out on this one I have gone away and done the research myself. After testing punches vs any weapon with buff level 0 I can confirm that a punch is the same as buff level 0.

What this means is that unless you modify the buff levels of the weapons out of the stock installation then they will have no effect on combat.

I'm not exactly sure how the formula for damage works but I found that giving a weapon a buff level of 10 will add 10 dmg to an attack at level 1.

To do the rest of your weapons up you need to take into account a lot of factors and just fiddle aruond with different numbers. My suggestion is getting a friend to help you out and activating the monster arena. Just keep trying out different values on the same battle and go from there. Just remember that the damage has to be proportionate to the health of the users and you need to take into account how long you'd like the battles to last.

Hope this helps people a little.

26 Jul 2005, 09:25
Thanks. I just searched for a Thread like this. ;)

29 Jul 2005, 14:41
Fists deals damage based on level. I am unsure at which level the damage changes, but it increments in levels of 5. So yeah, fists are quite useless but that is also the point.