View Full Version : vB Chat install issue!

19 Jul 2005, 23:44
When attempting to install vB Chat, I get the following error:

Error. vbchat.xml located in directory '' was not found. Please make sure it is uploaded then press the submit button below

I am running 3.5, but the error text (and examination of the code) have me confused. How would 3.5 be different from 3.0 as far as the location of vbchat.xml? It's in the admincp directory, where it belongs.

Marco van Herwaarden
20 Jul 2005, 08:36
Probably because in vB3.5 you don't use releative paths anymore, but prefix all files with the 'DIR' constant.

25 Jul 2005, 16:49
Is there a way to get around the install issue, or with vB Chat also not work with 3.5 for some other reason?