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24 Jul 2005, 02:38
I called it light style because I originally made it for my board and the others were dark styles. :o

Anyways, here it is, hope you like:

24 Jul 2005, 03:25
Oh and the image in the second post, is an attached image. In the style they don't have the "attached images" text or the border because I've modified the postbit templates.

03 Aug 2005, 22:10

Your xml has syntax errors according to my attempt at an install. I did not ducument the error. I recieved it after an attempt at importing the script.

03 Aug 2005, 22:39
That's strange, I imported it into a clean test board before I posted it just to make sure it worked fine and had no problems. I've used that style with 3.5.0 Beta 3, 4 and Release Candidate 1.

03 Aug 2005, 22:41
Maybe try telling it to ignore the file version and see what happens.

03 Aug 2005, 22:55

Tried that. Here is the error:

Database error in vBulletin 3.5.0 Release Candidate 1:

Invalid SQL:

(styleid, templatetype, title, template, template_un, dateline, username, version, product)
(6, '', '', '', '', , '', '', 'vbulletin');

MySQL Error : You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ' '', '', 'vbulletin')' at line 4
Error Number : 1064
Date : Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 @ 06:54:05 PM

03 Aug 2005, 23:15
I think I figured out the problem, I'll upload another one in a bit.

03 Aug 2005, 23:22
Okay, try this one, let me know if it works.

Also, it looks like I missed a button too, the reply_small.gif needs to be replaced with this one. :o

Tony G
04 Aug 2005, 05:36
Does your style have any template modifications? Should include that in your main post. :)

04 Aug 2005, 22:13

06 Aug 2005, 14:57

You need to correct 2 things with your xml. The Table Border and the Category Strips lead to non-existant images on YOUR site. Those should be directed at the local folder, or the images removed.

If the user corrects the image paths to reflect their folder, the style itself changes and incorporates the gradients.

You should also include an install file. I imported the xml to see what your file path was. Some styles get uploaded to the main index, and others in the "images" folder, etc. You should also note that they require a folder called "light".

How about adding the noavatar.gif to the misc folder in the images? I will attach the one I am using.