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28 Jul 2005, 21:50
This is a very simple modification but here it is.

1. In your FORUMHOME template find <!-- what's going on box -->

2. Copy the code from <!-- what's going on box --> to <!-- end what's going on box -->

3. Delete the code from where it is now and then paste it below $navbar (beginning of template). Of course you do not have to put it under the navbar but it is the most practical location.

That's it!

And don't forget to click install (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/vborg_miscactions.php?do=installhack&threadid=93092)

28 Jul 2005, 21:54
It looks like a very nice change to forumhome. However, event though i kind of understand your instructions, they may seem a tad bit difficult for others :-x

28 Jul 2005, 22:00
Yeah it's my first mini-mod so I am new to writing instructions and such but any advice would be greatly apreciated.

28 Jul 2005, 22:14
To be honest, im not to sure. Im not familiar with the templated in vb3.5. Upload the forumhome template in a .txt file and i'll try and help you.

Tony G
29 Jul 2005, 02:38
Instructions are quite clear, because the whats going on box is going to have different code in it for every forum besides the ones that haven't changed from default.

If they don't understand, that's what this thread is for. ^_^

Neutral Singh
29 Jul 2005, 02:44
Nice chatbox you have got installed, which hack is that ? Thanks

29 Jul 2005, 13:55
That would be the chatbox lite hack.


04 Aug 2005, 03:11
good idea but on my forum i added a new usercp option for my members to display it at the bottom or the top which is there choice... u can make it a template so if u need to change it there is only 1 spot to change or just make to copy the code in the forumhome and put it in both locations if u plan not to change it that much and ofcourse put the if statements around it.

Chad F.
06 Aug 2005, 04:09
Does anyone know how I can just move the Statistics and Today's Birthdays to the top but leave the Currently Active Users box at the bottom? Thanks in advance.

06 Aug 2005, 08:47
I would like to move it to my sidebar, but dont know how

07 Aug 2005, 20:04
how about dispaly static in all pages?

07 Aug 2005, 20:18
how about dispaly static in all pages?

If I'm not mistaken you just copy the code to your forumdisplay, showthread, etc... templates just like you did for forumhome.

John Diver
22 Nov 2005, 14:52
Can this only be used on the forumhome?

22 Nov 2005, 15:00
nice job, gives me more ideas.. to biuld the whats going on box around vbshoutbox.. thanks!

11 Dec 2005, 14:56
I like it, thanks. :)


20 Dec 2005, 05:02
Whatabout just moving the online users to the top. How would I do that?

20 Dec 2005, 17:32
Yeah thats what i want to do.. Just ive no idea what code to take... Ive tried a few ways but didnt work.. Need somone to let us know what code to move that have done it themselfs.

15 Jan 2006, 08:15
wonderful!! ::clicks install::

25 Jan 2006, 05:05
thanx man . it usefull .

16 Feb 2006, 05:36
much better. Thanks. :D

12 Jun 2006, 01:52
Wow, that was easy! Thanks! :)

17 Jun 2006, 21:23
Yeah thats what i want to do.. Just ive no idea what code to take... Ive tried a few ways but didnt work.. Need somone to let us know what code to move that have done it themselfs.

only thing i can think of is to copy the code and then delete what you don't want and leave what you do at the bottom...do i make sense? although i have tried and been unsuccessful...but i think i messed up...think you would have to rename the box possibly..in other words you would have keep the <----whats going on----> in both spots but rename one...would this be possible you think?