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04 Aug 2005, 20:59
Hi there i have installed this but i cannot see any of the links for it in the admin cp.
Do i put the URL to the rpgadmin.php file and i get this

Sorry, you don't have permission to access the administrative controls on this page.

If you need to access this page, ask your lead administrator to enable your permissions for this page using the Administrator Permissions section of the control panel.

can you please help me as i would like to click the install but will not till this can be fixed.
Many thanks

04 Aug 2005, 22:06
The SuperAdmin of the forum needs to set Can Administer RPG to Yes for each administrator that should have access.

08 Jun 2006, 18:23
where you can change that?
In the usergroupsettings?

10 Jun 2006, 02:00
No, its in the administrator permission page. Same place where you let them access user info, forum options, etc.