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Big J
13 Aug 2005, 17:24

First, I really like this hack, but I'm receiving an error when trying to warn and view warnings by clicking the url in the postbit
Database error in vBulletin 3.0.7:

Invalid SQL: select warned_post from warnings where warned_post='252059'
mysql error: Unknown column 'warned_post' in 'field list'

mysql error number: 1054


View Warning Logs in the adminCP throws this error:
Invalid SQL: select w.*,u.username as wusername,u.userid as wuserid,wt.*,wuser.username as warned_username_v,wuser.userid as warned_userid_v, ruser.username as removed_by_v, (w.warned_time+wt.warn_maturity*24*60*60) AS maturitydate from
warnings w
left join user wuser on(wuser.userid=w.warned_user)
left join user u on(u.userid=w.warned_by)
left join user ruser on(ruser.userid=w.removed_by)
left join warning_types wt on(wt.tid=w.warned_warning_id) ORDER BY w.warned_time DESC LIMIT 0, 15
mysql error: Unknown column 'w.warned_time' in 'field list'

mysql error number: 1054

please help if possible. Thanks!

Marco van Herwaarden
14 Aug 2005, 11:42
Sounds to me like some installation was not performed.

16 Aug 2005, 13:24
It looks as if your tables are not created properly. Some columns are missing from the warnings table, at least. Try running the install_warn.php again.