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14 Aug 2005, 02:14
Firstly, great hack! I love the features, however I have 2 questions, and 1 issue I am having.

The first question is when they have been banned (10 points) it changes their user title to "Temporarily Banned", is there a way I can set this to be my default user title (Account Disabled)? I don't want everyone to know that they are "temporarily" banned, truthfully it's none of their concern.

The second question I have, is when we warn someone, there is no place to enter a comment? But in the email it is always blank, and I would love to be able to enter a comment. Ex in the email:

The admin/moderator who warned you, entered this comment:



Is there a way I can enter the comment when warning?

And finally, the issue. I have PM disable set as "0" as I want them to be able to use it up until they are banned but yet, any banning points they get this in their email:

Please note that your Private Messaging system in our Forums has been deactivated, due to your Warning Level.

Once again, great hack! And I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for creating such a wonderful thing! :)

Hello again John,

I also have a suggestion if you wouldn't mind..

On line 316, in mod_warn.php you assume that "modcp" is the correct name for the moderation control panel, infact not all of us use "modcp" (I being one), so I suggest you change line 316 to:

$d="<A HREF=\"{$vboptions[bburl]}/$modcpdir/mod_warn.php?do=showcomment&id=$warn[wid]\" onclick=\"window.open('{$vboptions[bburl]}/$modcpdir/mod_warn.php?do=showcomment&id=$warn[wid]','','width=1024, height=500, resizable=yes, scrollbars=yes'); return false;\" target=\"_blank\">See Comment</a></font>";

15 Aug 2005, 08:39
1) Open functions_warning.php and search for the terms "Temporarily banned" and "Permanently banned". Change them to whatever you want.

2) When you warn someone and you are NOT using "Predefined comments", the program allows you to enter a comment each time you enter a warning.

3) Edit your functions_warning.php and find:

if ($level >= $vboptions['warn_pmcutoff'])

Replace that with:

if ($level >= $vboptions['warn_pmcutoff'] AND $vboptions['warn_pmcutoff']!=0)

Obviously a bug! I'll post a new version correcting that.

3) I guess you are right, I never thought of that.


16 Aug 2005, 22:17
Thanks John! :)

I applied everything, and it worked great! However, I am still not seeing where to enter the comment, I must be getting blind with my old age! I can see it perfectly fine when trying to warn for "Non-Post Related" (in the user profile), but I still cannot see it in the post part, in either one of my themes it's installed for. I took a screenshot, hopefully you have some insight!


17 Aug 2005, 06:30
Go into your adminCP, Warning System, Manage Warning Options. Find the one which says "Use Warning Type Description, as moderator comment, in Post-Related warnings?". Set that, to "No" and save the options. If that is set to "Yes" then the Warning Type Description is used as a moderator comment, and the form does not allow you to enter any other comment.

Let me know if this worked.

17 Aug 2005, 22:08
Worked, must've passed that up! Thank you again John :)

17 Aug 2005, 22:17
Most welcome Sir.