View Full Version : removing "moved" links after a preset time

15 Aug 2005, 13:24
I am not using the moved link in the original forum because it stays there forever.

The idea behind this moved link is to let the participants of this thread see, that the thread was moved to another forum.

I think this should be accomplished after 7-10 days, after that the link is just not neccessary anymore.

Is there anyone willing to write a plugin that will remove "moved:" links after a preset time?


Marco van Herwaarden
15 Aug 2005, 13:25
If you prune posts once a week, you can select on links only.

15 Aug 2005, 13:31
You mean "Thread Status: Redirect" ?

I never used prune before because I keep all posts


Marco van Herwaarden
15 Aug 2005, 13:34

15 Aug 2005, 14:33
oh thx ;)

15 Aug 2005, 14:51
I wrote a cron script for 3.0.x. Perhaps I shall port it soon.