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18 Aug 2005, 13:41
Hopefully this is in the right section.

But my question is, when ever i edit a php file and if i do something wrong, it will tell me in my site, that i have done something wrong in this file on line 936 for example.

But its impossible to know which line to find the error on in large php files when im using notepad to edit them in.

I used to have a program that was a 30day trial that told me which line i was currently on and i think it used to have a debug feature, but since then ive forgotten the name, and cant seem to find any good ones or info.

So overall, does anyone know of a cheap easy solution to this.

And hopefully this the right section, i looked through them all first, and it seem to fit good, plus a search came up with nothing good.

Thanks guys

I think i have found my answer on google now, and i also think this is in the wrong section, sorry about that, ppl are still welcome to comment tho.

Marco van Herwaarden
18 Aug 2005, 20:41
I always prefer ultraedit, but it is not free. But there are also some freeware editors.

18 Aug 2005, 20:44
EditPlus 2 is another great one, and also not free, but worth every penny and more than what they are asking for it.

The Geek
18 Aug 2005, 20:44
I think in notepad you can do ctrl+g or ctrl+l to put in the line number.

I use DzSoft to edit php - quite decent but then again i havent really used much else (I remember trying to use frontpage in my early php editing days... I would rather eat my right testical than experience that again)

18 Aug 2005, 20:53
if use notepad++, its freeware and pretty damn good