View Full Version : Cowboy Bebop Avatar Set (60x60)

Diana Notacat
18 Aug 2005, 20:49
Why it's 36 of these, I have no idea... But I wasn't arsed enough to add anymore and make it an even 40. u____u

Cowboy Bebop avatars in 60x60 size, all have random transparancy affects. Pretty simple, nothing too fancy but they look good. :D I included a sample pic with all the avatars!

I am open to series requests. I have alooot of avatars I've made, and I just piddle until I have reasonable amounts of for a package!

I like pets and praise, I also like donations. But... I'm too lazy to find my paypal button, so you can lurk to space-kitten.org if you're a generous person!

18 Aug 2005, 20:58
Ein! :cool: If/when I get a dog a Welsh Corgi is near the top of the list. Now if only my wife wasn't allergic to dogs..... :(

Thanks for the avatar pack. :)

09 Apr 2006, 03:33
thanks :D i love this serie

03 Feb 2009, 17:01
thanks again :)