View Full Version : [AJAX] Admin CP Notes 1.0

08 Sep 2005, 22:35
Do you use Admin Notes often, but do you hate having the annoying page refresh after you save them?
Then this mod is for you!
After installing, your admin cp notes will be AJAX-ified, so that you no longer have to click the "Save" button everytime you update the notes!
For installation instructions, please read install.txt. (It now uses the plugin system though, Thanks Again KirbyDE)
(Be easy on me, this is my first mod :nervous:
Oh yea, and if you use, Click Install!

08 Sep 2005, 22:36
Post Reserved for Future Uses!

08 Sep 2005, 22:41
Will this work with the mod released by Kirby called Global Admin notes?

08 Sep 2005, 22:46
I havent seen it, I will go check
EDIT: Yup, it will!

09 Sep 2005, 00:30
Nice little hack. I don't let anyone else admin, but it'll be useful for keeping reminders.

09 Sep 2005, 05:56
Unfortunatley, since there are no hooks in the places required, you will need to use file edits :-(

Editless Product attached ;)
Please note that I intentionally did not remove the Save Button. This way it will still work, even if the Admin has JS disabled - and it would be a bit difficult to safely remove that row.

09 Sep 2005, 12:43
Never thought of using str_replace, lol. Thank you! Updating zip now...

12 Sep 2005, 01:06
Just added a second XML file, which will remove the submit button.
This is for people who (like me) ALWAYS have Js enabled, and do not like submit buttons where they are not needed :)

16 Mar 2006, 09:06
Installed And Working Great.
Thank You A Great Addition For My AdminCP :)