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14 Sep 2005, 01:14
This template modification will show on the navbar, a drop menu, 'Site Map' with the following links in the drop down:

Home - (Homepage defined in vBulletin options),
Forums - (Also defined in vBulletin option),
Archive - (A link to the archive version of your forums),
Contact Us - (A link to the sendmessage.php)

All of these will show to regular members.

The following will show only for staff with the appropriate permissions
Admin CP,
Moderator CP

As in my 'Add Admin, Mod on Navbar' Modification, Admin can see both Admin & Mod CP links, while Mods can only see Mod CP.

For fresh install use 'SiteMapNavbarDropDown.txt'
If you have already installed my '[Mini hack] Add Admin, Mod dropdown on Navbar' use 'StaffToSitaMapUpgrade.txt'

Update 1.0.1

Fixed admin and mod cp links not working on scripts other than the forums

14 Sep 2005, 01:45
Sounds like a great idea! ill install later :)

09 Oct 2005, 07:43
ooh I like! Thank you!

12 Oct 2005, 07:55
thank you!! gad you like it

18 Nov 2007, 22:23
Glad I left this marked installed so I could find it again!!