View Full Version : How do I get the header and footer to display?

Tim Mousel
25 Feb 2001, 01:19

I want to add a chat to my site with my current vbulletin header and footer. Here is the code I have so far:

require( "global.php" );

if( $bbuserid ) {

$user = $DB_site->query_first( "SELECT username
FROM user
WHERE userid = $bbuserid" );
$bbusername = $user[ username ];
echo "Your username is $bbusername, use that for your log-in name";

<applet codebase="http://memberchat.xoom.com:8901/pchat/classes/"
code="ParaChat.class" archive="pchat.zip"
<param name="ServerName" value="memberchat.xoom.com">
<param name="ServerPort" value="8900">
<param name="Channel" value="#XC.2325247">
Sorry, your browser is not Java-enabled, so you will not be able to chat.
} else {

print( "<font face=\"TREBUCHET MS,ARIAL,HELVETICA\">Sorry, you must be logged in to use Deluxe Forums chat! Go to <a href="http://defend.net/deluxeforums">http://defend.net/deluxeforums<a/></font><br>" );

} // end if

You can see it at http://defend.net/deluxeforums/chat2.php. It displays the chat but nothing else. I'm using 2.0 beta 2.



25 Feb 2001, 08:19
Use this to call a template:


So put that in the places you want the header/footer and change the template name accordingly

25 Feb 2001, 08:43
Thanks! That's just what I needed!